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  • Make This the Best Camping Trip Ever!

    Make This the Best Camping Trip Ever!

    Ah, the great outdoors! Summertime is an open invitation to head into the wilderness and experience Mother Nature in all her glory. But before you toss your sleeping bag into the car and set course for the nearest national park, we want to help you make this your best camping trip ever. From the latest tech to creative camping hacks, we’ve put together a collection of expert ideas that will inspire you to turn your trip from ordinary into extraordinary. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time camper or an experienced outdoors adventurer, there’s always a way to improve your camping experience!

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  • What 13 Creative Moms Told Us

    Happy Mother's Day! Today, we're celebrating all you who are Moms and makers. You all are the unspoken superheroes of our Crafting World, making the balance of "mommy life" and "maker's gonna make" life seem flawless and easy. We asked some of our Design Team members, as well as members of our Art Department here at Sizzix what they found to be important in balancing being both a maker and a mom....

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  • 10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

    10 Things Your Living Room Is Missing

    Hello Makers! Dai here from the Sizzix team.

    Spring is one of my favorite seasons and now that it's here I've been looking at my living room with a new set of eyes- cleaning eyes. I've been wanting to give my style a little refresh and I feel like it's the perfect time to clean and take on some projects. I've been gathering all kinds of inspiration for my living room and I've narrowed it down to ...

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  • 30 Things You May Not Know About Sizzix Licensed Designer Jennifer Jangles

    tylewars (3)

    Hey there, Makers! We are so excited to introduce you to our newest Sizzix Licensed Designer, Jennifer Jangles! Jennifer is best known for her bright, colorful, and happy sewing creations, which have been featured in Quilting Arts, Michaels, Bead and Button, American Quilt Retailer and so many more! We are so stoked that Jennifer is now apart of our Sizzix family, and can't wait to share her new dies with you all, but we have to wait to share those with you until it gets closer to Quilt Market in the next few days!

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  • Your Brain on Crafting: 5 Amazing Science-Backed Benefits of Making

    Your Brain on Crafting: 5 Amazing Science-Backed Benefits of MakingAs makers, we can attest to the transformative power of working with art. If you've ever fully engaged in a creative task like crafting, you might agree there’s something undeniably powerful about this practice.

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