Celebrate Hanukkah With Sizzix: Star of David Party Banner

Hello friends! Hanukkah is just 2 days away! We have a trio of awesome projects to share with you, that are super easy to make and perfect for celebrating this Hanukkah! Today, we'll be making a fantastic Star of David Party Banner, which can be used for hanging on your mantle, table, wall, or anywhere that works best for you!

Here are the supplies you'll need for this project:


Other Materials Used:

  • Adhesive
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Twine

Let's get started!


Cut designs from cardstock of choice using the Star of David Svg and your eclips2. We suggest using varying colors to create a festive look. Set aside the fallout hexagon pieces, we'll be using those later.


Grab your twine or string of choice and thread it through your Star of David die cuts to create a banner, using adhesive to secure the stars to the string or twine.



Are you ready to uses those hexagons we set aside earlier? Taking two at a time, glue front and back of the hexagons along a strand of twine or string.


Voila! Super simple, right? We aren't done yet though!  Be sure to check back later today for our second project!

Thanks so much for joining us!

What makes do you create for Hanukkah?

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