Celebrate Nature With This Beautiful Home Decor DIY


Hi everyone! Vivian here.

There are more birds in our backyard this year than ever before.  They've figured out that if they hang out on our plot, they will score lots of easy protein rich bug snacks throughout the day!  I love that with some planning, labor, and a sincere effort to stay away from chemicals, the garden is turning into a healthy ecosystem where life is in balance.  Nothing makes this girl happier than stewarding life in this way!  To commemorate the arrival of birds in our garden, I decided to make an easy home decor piece using my Big Shot Plus and beautiful dies which celebrate nature!

This project primarily utilizes die-cuts and their leftover pieces as stencils to create "artwork" that doesn't require you to hand draw anything!


First step, die-cut your stencils out of a nice, thick cardstock that won't buckle from handling or misting.  This Birds in Flight Bigz Plus die above is awesome, with a larger width for use with your Big Shot Plus die-cutting machine.  And the Sizzix Sandwich is easy - place die and cardstock between your cutting pads, and then send through your Big Shot Plus.


The ornate Botanical Leaves & Vines Thinlits Plus Die comes with for incredibly detailed dies, larger in scale and perfect for home decor.  With these wafer thin dies, use the Sizzix Sandwich above, which utilizes the Big Shot Plus Adapter A that comes with your machine.  The Alphabet Thinlits Plus dies will also use the same sandwich.


With these more detailed die-cuts, a great tool to have on hand is the Sizzix Die Brush & Foam Pad.  Roll over the die with your brush as shown, and your die-cut releases quickly and easily.


While my project uses media, I think you could create stunning leaves by simply piecing back together this leaf using multiple colors of cardstock!


Set your die-cuts on a large piece of paper that can take media, and spritz lightly with your chosen colors and/or water.  The result will be soft and imprecise.


In the image above, you can see that the bird die-cut was used as a stencil.  Using distress ink and a sponge applicator, I accentuate the design lines of the bird without losing any of the detail from my leaves!


Here, I apply ink in the same manner, except I use the leftover piece and apply ink in the negative space.


I douse my lovely script alphas with pigment and allow that to dry before adhering to the larger artwork.


I use the straight edge of a scrap piece to align before adhering completely.


Volare means "to fly" in Italian, one of my favorite languages.  Whenever I see birds out back, I think of that song you often hear in Italian restaurants and pizzerias that goes, "Volare... oh oh... Cantare... oh oh oh."

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope  my post inspires you to take a look at the Big Shot Plus and these amazing dies!



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