Now Available On Luisa Elena Guillén-K's Celebrating Life Collection

Hola everyone! Luisa Elena Guillén-K. showcases the beauty of the Spanish language with this new collection of dies that contain everyday and celebratory phrases. Surprise your abuela or tia with these die cuts that really say "Te amo!"

Luisa Elena Guillén-K's new collection starts with these graceful Thinlits Dies that turn everyday phrases into memorable special occasions. Express your love and gratitude to your colleagues, friends, and loved ones by using these dies for any papercraft, card, or present.

These die sets were designed to cut, emboss, or stencil a single sheet of a variety of materials. It can cut through cardstock, paper, metallic foil, or vellum. The delicacy of these dies is why we love them so much, especially this heart-warming new collection.


From "te adoro" (I adore you) to "te amo," these dies will ensure that the message reaches your loved ones. Use them in almost any occasion: give your grandmother a birthday card or your daughter a gift card to her favorite store. Perhaps even express to a friend that you are thinking of them!

With all these phrases, we've got you covered for the entire year!

Luisa has thought of everything! On top of these super sweet phrases, Luisa has added some happy phrases in the form of cling stamps! But wait, there's more! To tie it all together, Luisa has also given us a Framelit tag with stamps to add to all your gifts. Here are some projects and designs that will inspire you to start "Celebrating Life."

Untitled design (2)

By turning simple, everyday phrases into beautiful calligraphy, even things like gift boxes and frames get that touch of elegance. The holiday season is about spreading joy, love, and happiness to those around you, so what better way to express that than with these dies? Let us know in the comments below. And if you're not already, make sure to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for more inspiration and tutorials using Luisa's collection.

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