Available Now At Local Craft Stores: Lindsey Serata's Bloom & Blossom Collection

The day has come: Lindsey Serata's Bloom & Blossom collection is now available at local craft stores! This wonderful collection is sure to bring the beauty of spring to your makes and crafts with brand-new die sets, framelits, and more. A versatile, everyday collection that every crafter would want in their inventory, let's explore through the meadows that is Bloom & Blossom.

Get a quick overview of Bloom and Blossom from Lindsey herself!

Thinlits Die Set

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First up is the Floral Tri-fold Card and Floral Wreath die that makes flowers the main attraction! These dies are a must-have in your crafting library and these are the two reasons why: versatility and texture. We mentioned in previous blogs that the Floral Tri-fold Card die provides a realistic and dimensional effect on your cards, because of it's intricate 3D design. In just one die set, with no extra work, you can have the look and feel of actual flower petals and leaves! The Floral Wreath die is special as well, because it gives makers the opportunity to use the die as a frame or as an individual cut-out piece. The versatility of these two die sets is what makes them the perfect addition to every day, flexible crafting!

Textures is going to be one of your best friends this year and Lindsey's collection is right-up in that floral freckled alley. It comes to no surprise that adding textures can transform the plain into the exceptional when it comes to crafts. Lindsey's 3D designs of her dies add a textured feel to your cards, enhancing the overall complexity and elegance of your makes. She also has a new 3D Textured Impressions Embossing Folder that'll really make your crafts bloom!

3D Textures & More

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As promised, Lindsey's Floral Blossom 3D Textured Impressions Embossing folder is the missing piece to keeping your crafts on-trend! The flower-patterned 3D texture that this embossing folder adds is what pushes the Floral Gift Box die to the forefront of proper, trendy gift-giving. Don't be afraid to use textures throughout the entire collection - the possibilities are as abundant as spring!

Die Set w/ Stamps

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All hand-painted and designed for that elegant and natural look, take your card-making or paper-crafting to new heights with these 12 new dies and stamps. The Layered Flowers and Thanks a Bunch #2 Die Set w/ Stamps are the key to turning flowers into bouquets that'll make any florist jealous.

When combined with her Cardstock Pad, look at how beautiful these sentiment stamps can be!

Available Now At Local Craft Stores: Lindsey Serata's Bloom & Blossom Collection

Cardstock Pads

And to make matters even better, the collection also comes with matching Cardstock Pads for easy crafting. Watercolor is a trend that doesn't seem to be going away, not that we ever want it to! Luckily, this Cardstock Pad boasts 36 sheets of Springtime watercolor beauty that will have you dreaming of floral pastels for weeks.
Available Now At Local Craft Stores: Lindsey Serata's Bloom & Blossom Collection

Bring the liveliness of spring into your life with this wonderful collection and go grab your fill today! View more of Lindsey's Bloom & Blossom collection here and remember to follow us on our social media pages for more news and updates! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest)