Check Out Candie Cooper On Make It Artsy!


Check Out Candie Cooper On Make It Artsy!

Hello Makers! Are you ready for another fantastic episode of Make It Artsy? Join Candie Cooper on the latest episode, 202– Party People! It will be available to watch on the Make It Artsy website starting Friday, October 6th and will air for seven days!

Episode synopsis: “Artist Cat Kerr mixes things up with a pendant made in layers.  Tool expert Joe Rotella melts glass in a microwave oven to create contemporary jewelry and accessories.  Candie Cooper cranks out a one-of-a-kind artsy gift box with a treasure inside. Artist Jane Dunnewold has an art tip."

Don’t forget to head over to Make It Artsy and catch Candie Cooper in “Party People” that airs from October 6th to October 13th!

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