Adding a personalized touch to a store-bought gift is the perfect way to let someone know just how special they are this Christmas. Stand out of the crowd with our Christmas gift wrapping ideas which will make your gifts something to remember, because after all, a gift well-wrapped is a gift well-received!


A Touch of Foliage

Adding sprigs of foliage to your wrapping is a simple yet modern touch that will leave your gifts looking stylish and sophisticated. As an alternative to fresh foliage, why not die-cut your own paper greenery using dies such as our Holiday Greens die set. 



Sustainable Giving

If you make one change this Christmas to your usual routine, make it Eco-friendly. Whether you re-purpose a brown paper bag or some spare linen, using recycled materials to wrap your gifts can be both sustainable and visually appealing. Adding some textured natural elements such as dried fruit and sprigs adds the perfect finishing touch to your packages, and if you want to be extra festive, why not try adding some cinnamon sticks for an aromatic effect?


DIY Embossed Gift Wrap and Tags

Making a bold statement with your gift wrapping is easy when using our embossing technique, which can be used to create repeating patterns or individual designs for something truly unique. The great thing about this method is how versatile it is, with a host of available stamps and embossing powders to choose from meaning you can use emboss for any occasion!


Gift wrap toppers

Topping your gifts with a motif can transform even the plainest wrapping paper. We recommend using a thicker material such as felt to ensure the motif really stands out, making our range of Bigz the perfect dies for the task! Adding a large design works well on smaller gifts whilst a group of small charms really accentuates a larger gift; you can use either the die-cut design itself or use this as a stencil for hand-cutting other materials such as clay.


For even more inspiration, check out our Christmas Hub!