Decorate Your Door This Summer With This Succulent Door Hanger

Everyday Party Magazine Succulent Wreath 8

Hi everyone, it's Jess from Everyday Party Magazine.  I am so excited to share this beautiful paper succulent wreath.  I love having seasonal wreaths hung in my home and on my front door, and I’m truly weak in the knees for all the new succulent decorations available.

Below are the supplies you will need for this project:


Other Materials Used:

  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Pencil
  • Bamboo Skewer

This kit comes with all the pieces you will need to create your own wreath.  The paper is precut, and ready to start curling, twisting, and folding.

Everyday Party Magazine Succulent Wreath 10

Once I popped all of the precut pieces from the pages in the kit, my son and I started curling the leaves, and twisting the paper around the bamboo skewer to make the paper succulents look more realistic.  We could have aged the paper with distressing ink other tools, but, I am going to be 100% honest here, I have no idea how to do that.  My son probably could, but we were focused on folding the paper correctly.  The folding instructions are on the back of the cover/insert. Most of the instructions are pretty self explanatory, but the leaves and the cactus and pink flower gave my son and I a bit of trouble.  The leaves need to have the floral wire hot glued to the top leaf, and then rolled around the wire, hot gluing it as you roll it down.  You should have about 1/2-1/3 of the floral wire hanging out of the leaves when you finish.  The cactus should be folded along the scored lines and got glued into a sphere.  Then, along the curved folds, hot glue the cactus to itself to curve the cactus, and close the hole up at the top.  Next, fold the tiny flowers and hot glue them on top.  I feel like we may have not done the flowers correctly, but it still looks amazing!

Everyday Party Magazine Succulent Wreath 13 Everyday Party Magazine Succulent Wreath 11 Everyday Party Magazine Succulent Wreath 9 Everyday Party Magazine Succulent Wreath 4 Everyday Party Magazine Succulent Wreath 1 Everyday Party Magazine Succulent Wreath 7

Finally, we were ready to hot glue the succulents onto the wreath form.  I randomly hot glued them all over the front, making sure to fill in any blank spaces with more flowers, and succulents.  Before I finished, I added a piece of green ribbon to the wreath form, and hot glued it to the back so I could hang my wreath.

Everyday Party Magazine Succulent Wreath 8

This project took my son and I a few evenings of work, but we are relatively new to paper flower folding.  Even with some of the frustrations, we had a great time working together on this project, and he has already asked me when we can make more.



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