The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips

The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips by Ebony Love

I began my crafty life as a young teen learning to sew.  It was really my first crafty love.  I have sewed all kinds of projects since them from clothing, to ice skating costumes, to home decor and bedding.  Over the years I have continued to sew but really shifted my crafty focus to working with paper and papercrafting.  Although I incorporate fabric and sewing into my paper craft projects, I have let sewing things like clothing and home decor fall by the way side.

When I began working for Sizzix I found myself really drawn to their quilting and appliqué dies.  I had always wanted to learn quilting and appliqué but had never taken the leap to take a class.  I loved the idea of revisiting the dream of learning to quilt and to be able to die cut my fabric pieces for my projects.  The whole process though made me feel a little intimidated wondering how things I had learned in clothing construction would apply to die cutting and quilting.  Although I die cut fabric pieces for papercraft projects frequently, I knew that for wearables or quilting I needed a little more know-how before cutting a quilt worth of fabric.

This past summer I met Ebony Love, who is a quilter, writer, and passionate quilting blogger.  She has an infectious enthusiasm for teaching others about quilting and die cutting.  I invited her to be a guest blogger for us and was blown away with the info she shared with us in her post.  When she offered to let me review her upcoming book about both I quickly agreed!

I immediately loved that the book was not a project book.  I have lots of project books that show me how to duplicate what someone else has made.  Instead this book is about teaching the how's and why's of die cutting fabric.  She includes several different brands of die cutting equipment including Sizzix's Big Shot and Big Shot Pro.  The seven chapters of the book cover topics like:

  • how to choose a die cutter 
  • mats & other consumables
  • dies
  • fabric preparation & other materials
  • sewing & piecing tips
  • further resources

The book is 5.5” x 8.5” and has a spiral binding so it lays flat.  I love that because I can lay it on my worktable and leave it open without losing my place in the book.  There are over 200 pages of information.  I love too that I can skip around through the book and get the information I needed without having to start at the beginning and read all the way through.

If you are familiar with die cutting paper like me, the book will help you cross right over into fabric.  If you are new to die cutting all together, it provides good background information that will help you understand die cutting that you can apply to not only fabric, but paper as well.  It is just a well rounded resource for anyone interested in die cutting fabric for quilting and appliqué.  After reading Ebony's book I truly feel ready to give quilting a try with my Big Shot Pro!  Now if I can only decide on what fabric to use!  Have you seen how many amazing designs there are out there?

You can find out more about Ebony on her website and blog:
You can learn more about Sizzix Quilting on our website:

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