DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

The winter months are fast approaching and Halloween will soon be upon us. We know that finding that perfect trick or treat costume can be costly so why not have a go at making your own? Save some dollars and make your little ones look spooktacular!


A classic Halloween outfit that is super easy to make. Transform an old dress by cutting around the hem, add some netting or use one of our Halloween Bigz dies. Complete this wicked look with a hat, tights and a broom.

Witch Halloween Costume



Want to create a spooky look but don’t have much time? Then a Ghost costume is the perfect make for you. All you’ll need is a fitted sheet, scissors and a glue gun– it really is as simple as that!

Ghost Halloween Costume



Turn your little one into one of the most recognised symbols of Halloween. Upcycle an oversized orange t-shirt and use felt for the face. Add elastic to the bottom hem of the t shirt and then stuff with newspaper or carrier bags for added effect.

Pumpkin Halloween Costume



This costume is truly fang-tastic. Use an old sheet or any other dark materials to make a cape fit for Dracula. Don’t forget the face paint, mouthpiece and fake blood!

Vampire Halloween Costume



Another super easy make, all you need is a black long-sleeved top and some black leggings or trousers. You can then use our adhesive iron on sheet for the additional elements and attaching them to the clothing.

Skeleton Halloween Costume


Zombie Bride

Transform your little princess into a real-life corpse bride. It’s a super easy costume to make; all you need is a white dress, netting, fabric paint and lots of fake blood. Check out our flower dies, they are perfect for making a DIY bouquet to complete the look!

Zombie Bride Halloween Costume


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