Top 10 DIY Fringe Jewelry Trends

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Indulge in all things boho-chic with these top trending fringe jewelries! Inspired by our most recent Fringe It Up! Makers Challenge with Candie Cooper and Michaels, we fell in love with all things fringe. Check out our favorite trends for fringe necklaces, bracelets, and accessories for some ideas what what fringe-inspired craft to make next!

1. Get in touch with your naturous side with these arm bracelets

Polyvore Polyvore

Up your bracelet game with these bracelets that you can wear on your wrist or upper arm. You can get crafty and add designs, tassels, or feathers to a fringed strip for a quick DIY!

2. Frolic through any and all patches of open meadow with these anklets

Nikki Lorraine Nikki Melquist

A chic addition to any flats or sandals, these fringe anklets will put a skip in your step throughout the entire day.

3. Make a statement with these fringe necklaces

epuu epuu

Turn any simple outfit into a dramatic fashion statement with this fringe necklace. They also come in red, purple, and blue if you really want to make your outfit POP!

4. Go with the flow with these fringe belts

Poshmark Poshmark

Give your bohemian-chic style a little bit of edge with this fringe belt that will flutter in the wind like the fringe tutu you always wanted.

5. These DIY fringe earrings will have you scrambling towards the crafts store

Brit + Co

Brit + Co 2


Brit + Co 3 Brit + Co

These DIY fringe earrings are one of our favorites! They're simple, easy, and go with nearly any outfit that we can think of! They're the addition to your jewelry collection that you've been waiting for.

6. This beautiful fringed headband that is equally ethereal and angelic

Danani Danani

Once you put on this fringed, halo-esque headband, you'll never want to take it off.

7. These chokers are fringed, fierce, and gorgeous

Nasty Gal Nasty Gal

Not ready to make such a dramatic statement like the fringed necklace we showed above? Don't worry about it! This necklace may be more subdued, but it definitely still has things to say. And if you're feeling something even more subtle...

8. There's always this wrap around choker with a cute fringe finish

Infinity Raine Infinity Raine

Much more subtle, but just as beautiful, than the other fringed necklaces on our list, this wrap around choker will add that extra something to your outfit. All of the fun and none of the drama.

9. Embellish any purse or bag with fringed key chains!

ThePaintedCabeza ThePaintedCabeza

Beautify any boring old bag by adding some fringe tassels and accessories to it! It'll be that perfect combination of vintage and modern that all bohemian-chic fashionistas strive for. You can get some easy DIY tassels here !

10. Look like a boho-chic warrior with this fringed collar

Love Maegan Love Maegan

Look powerful with this DIY fringed collar! Put on this collar for a unique accessory that will make you Vogue runway ready in seconds.

From this list alone, it's clear that fringe jewelry can be used as any sort of accessory - dramatic or not. From key chains to statement pieces to goddess-like halos, fringe jewelry has shown that it can be made into any accessory fit for any occasion. That's why we love them! Don't forget to enter your fringe makes into our Michaels Store Maker Challenge!

Do you have a favorite from our list? Let us know!

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