Get Hip For Summer: The Final Week


Happy Monday, Makers! This is our FINAL WEEK of our Get Hip For Summer With Tim Holtz Maker Challenge. It's absolutely CRAY to go back and look at all of the incredible projects you all have created and submitted these last 7 weeks. This week, we want to see your Hipster-inspired makes on ALL of your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter)! We made this super easy for you to enter (as many times as you want, we might add)

1. Post your hipster makes all of your social media profiles

2. Hashtag your make with #hipforsummer

3. Make sure you either tag or hashtag #timholtz #sizzix and #stampersanonymous

You can also enter your makes to us via our Maker Challenge Page, which will also give you a chance to have your make featured in one of our future marketing campaigns!

That's it! We will announce a randomly selected winner on THURSDAY, July 27th ! Happy making!

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