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Get Hip For Summer With

Week 2 of our Get Hip for Summer With Tim Holtz Maker Challenge has officially come to a close. We had SUCH a difficult time choosing our winner for this week from all of the amazing projects that were submitted. Are you ready to see who our winner is this week? Lets get to it!

Congratulations to our Week 2 winner, Cheiron Brandon! She perfectly paired Tim's Idea-ology Vignette Tray with the complete Hipster line-up... the results were truly a combination reaction of, "OMG, EPIC, SWEET, YEA, LEGIT, LMAO".

Thank you so much to everyone who participated with us this week... check back here on our blog to find out where the next challenge for our Get Hip for Summer with Tim Holtz challenge will be! And don't forget to keep making and posting your Hipster-inspired makes to social media with the hashtag #hipforsummer so that Tim can see your makes and select a lucky winner this coming Monday!

In the meantime... here are a few honorable mentions which are ALL incredible:

Mel Roberts-Hareld definitely gave Cheiron a run for her make with this incredible framed make, giving each of the Hipsters a personality that had us in giggles (Check out the Hipster Chimp- she gave him an earring!)

Zoe Hillman

Zoe Hillman absolutely rocked this Hipster Goat, especially with those awesome steampunk elements and embellishments.


We loved Nicole Wright's EPIC birthday card... perfect to be replicated for Father's Day...



We're definitely loving the jungle vibes on this Hip make from Barbara...

Kath Stewart

We were super excited to see this Father's Day make from Kath Stewart, especially when we got a sneak peek of her puppy helping create it.

Quim Diaz


Quim Diaz blew us away with this incredible coffee journal... we're definitely going to give this a go in our own art journals!

See you next Monday! Until then, we hope your weekend is super EPIC and SWEET! (And a happy early Father's Day to all of our maker-dads!)

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2 thoughts on “Get Hip For Summer Week 2 Winner”

  • Rosann

    These ARE AWESOME ! Glad I didn't have to make that decision :)
    Congrats to Cheiron !

  • Anne R

    Congratulations to all the worthy winners and thank you for giving me a big smile - all the creations above are fabulous!!

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