How To Make Paper Wisteria

Hi everyone, it's Alexis from the Creative Team! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite new releases from Chapter 1. I became well acquainted with the Wisteria Bigz L Die  in preparation for our two trade shows last month. The Creative Team assembled around 80 individual hanging wisteria for a mass installation in each booth. It honestly was so breathtaking. I've included a few photos at the end for you all to see just how beautiful the installation turned out. Let's take a look below to see how we went about making them!

You will need:


How to make:

  1. Depending on the length of wisteria you would like to achieve, you will cut an even number of each petal size on the die. For the flower I am creating today, I cut five of each petal size.

2. With the Paper Sculpting Kit, add lifelike dimension to all petals using the various stylus tools and the gray molding pad.

3. From flexible clear fishing line, cut a desired length for each wisteria. Keep in mind that you want to leave enough of the line at the top of the wisteria in order to be able to tie it to the surface it is intended for.

4. Gather five different wood bead sizes, with five of each size aligning with five various petal die cuts. Tie one end of the line, three to four times, to create a knot. Slide the smallest bead to the end of the knot and hot glue the bead and the knot together to create a base on the line.

5. On top of the bead hot glue the smallest petal. Forming the petal around the bead. Repeat the same pattern all the way up the line (bead, petal, bead, petal), graduating the bead and petal size to the next largest as you make your way up. Be sure to alternate each petal in the window of the petal below so that your beads are covered up.

6. Once you have placed all of the beads and petals on the line, string and tie your wisteria to its hanging surface.

As this is a Bigz die, this increases the various surfaces one can use with it. In the photos above and below we used felt, cardstock and our new Sculpting Foam to create various wisteria. If you want to add a little bling, you can add glitter or embossing glitter to the petals to give them further dimension.


We had a great time showcasing this new project at our trade shows. With a bit of trellis and some faux foliage we had a spring installation that everyone fell in love with. I can't wait to incorporate these into a bridal shower or wedding!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and that you have as much fun with the Wisteria die as we did! What would you use this die to decorate? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time...Happy Crafting!





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4 thoughts on “How To Make Paper Wisteria”

  • Vicki Kroll

    I love Wisteria and these look just like the real thing. These could be used at a wedding or birthday party r just about any occasion. A wonderful and creative idea.

    • atrimble

      Thank you Vicki! Do you think you could convince my family and friends to put these up at my summer birthday party!

  • Ann Cornell

    Stunning and great for a spring outdoor party!

    • atrimble

      Thank you Ann! I couldn't agree more. How beautiful would these look hanging from a trellis or awning!

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