Imagination Canvas

Hey everyone, it's Ronda today showing you my Imagination canvas using texture fades and Umbrella Man.
Every time I see this die I can't help but thinking of him standing out in the rain.  But what if those raindrops are letters becoming words expressing all those thoughts of a creative life.  Umbrella man really sparked my imagination.
I started with a 5 x 7 canvas panel spreading a relatively thin layer of gesso with a palette knife.  I knew I wanted it kind of rough with high and low parts.  I scrapped the knife over and over until I had the texture that was pleasing to me.
While the gesso is still wet, I pushed the brick Texture Fade  into the canvas.  I used the front side with the logo with the raised brick.  I did this a couple places around the canvas to give it some texture.  I immediately cleaned my texture fade with water so it wouldn't compromise the fade.
I love texture so much I just had to grab the bubble Texture Fade, this time using the backside.  Again I immediately cleaned it off with just water.
While the gesso was drying, I tore bits and pieces of old book text to go onto the canvas.  I used matte medium to adhere the pieces around the canvas and used a brayer to smooth the pieces down.  The brayer squeezes out excess glue and gives it such a nice flat smooth surface.
Time to insert Umbrella Man.  I wasn't sure what direction i was going to take him on the canvas so I die-cut three, two in black and one in kraft.  Of course I saved those negative pieces to use at a later date as a stencil.
I decided to layer the Umbella man to give him some more dimension.  I cut off an umbrella and gave it some texture using the gridlock texture fade.  I trimmed the umbrella down even further to just the top and set it aside for later.
The canvas ready for color and so was I.  I added in some layers of paint wanting to use tans, aquas, orange, and yellows so the black Umbrella man would really pop.  I uses a mixture of paint and spray ink, heat setting between layers.
Now that I had color on the background, it was time to add in the falling letters and words.  It was so fun much to pick out the words to surround the umbrella.  I stamped the big words first and then filled in with the individual letters and smaller words.    I popped up the second umbrella top and added it to Umbrella man.
I wanted a bit more texture around the canvas so i grabbed this awesome grungy grid stamp.  I inked it in various places so there was a randomness to the stamped image.  Instead of putting the stamp on a block, i rolled it on the canvas.
I had this perfect area on the right of Umbrella man for a quote and knew just what I wanted to put there.  I think this stamp by Wendy Vecchi really captured the sentiment of my canvas.  The last thing i did was ink around the canvas using Vintage photo and Walnut stain distress inks.
Oh that texture on the umbrella makes me giddy!  You can see the 3-dimension of the piece.  I sanded a bit of the cardstock to see the white core.
The touches of blue and orange dripping down towards the umbrella are so very cool.  I love  how the words cascade around the umbrella.  I did pick specific words to fall around it.
I adore how Umbrella man sometimes is looking at you and sometimes away from you.  I really love the sentiment of the stamp with this canvas.  The little bits of grid and color peeking behind the phrase really emphasizes the statement.

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