The In A Snap Maker Challenge With Michaels

The In A Snap Maker Challenge With Michaels

Hello, Makers! This week we've got a brand new maker challenge with the very talented Candie Cooper and Michaels, are you ready to find out more? Are you ready to conquer the SNAP? This week's challenge is gonna be snap-tastic and it's so addicting that by the end you'll want to put snaps on everything!  We can't wait to see how YOU take this trend and make stunning pieces, but before we dive in, we want to take a moment to highlight last week's winner. Drumroll, please....

We want to extend huge congratulations to the Bohemian Concho Maker Challenge winner Angela Besch! Check out the winning make below:

The In A Snap Maker Challenge With Michaels

But we can't just stop there! Take a look at some of the other fabulous makes that were entered!

The In A Snap Maker Challenge With Michaels

Now, let's dive in! This week, we're making BRACELETS! All you have to use are our Sizzix jewelry dies at Michaels. Here are the all the details on how to enter:

1. How do you submit projects?
You can submit your makes to us via our Maker Challenge Page, which will give not only enter you for this Maker Challenge, but it will also give you a chance to have your make featured in one of our future marketing campaigns!

2. How is the winner selected?
The winner will be selected randomly by Candie on Tuesday, September 5th on Facebook LIVE as well as here on our blog.

3. Who is eligible to participate?
Anyone who purchases any Sizzix Jewelry dies from Michaels and submits their makes! Don't forget, you can purchase these dies online from if a participating store isn't near you!!

We can't wait to see your incredible jewelry pieces! Don't forget to enter your makes via our Maker Challenge Page!

Check back later this week for a fun jewelry tutorial from Candie Cooper on her Facebook page!

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