Hair Raising Awesomeness: Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Bow

Jack OLantern Hair Bow Final Wearing

Hey, y'all!  Bethany from Pitter & Glink here with you today to share a fun and festive jack-o-lantern bow perfect for Halloween.  Holidays are great occasions to enhance you or your children's outfits with bold accessories, and this hair bow featuring a spooky jack o'lantern is sure to take make your Halloween outfit pop.

Jack OLantern Hair Bow Supplies

This hair bow was inspired by the fantastically spooky Jack-o-Lanterns Bigz Die by Tim Holtz.  Most people think of cutting paper with Bigz Dies, but they can cut so much more!  I cut shrink plastic using my Sizzix BIGkick and the Jack-o-Lanterns Bigz Die by Tim Holtz to create a fun embellishment for this project, and it turned out great!  You can find a supply list for the other products used at the bottom of the post.

Jack OLantern Hair Bow Shrink Plastic

The first step to creating this fun hair bow is creating the jack-o-lantern embellishment.  To do this, create a Sizzix sandwich.  Place a piece of shrink plastic on the top of the Jack-o-Lanterns Bigz Die.  Place that between two Standard Size Cutting Pads and roll it through your Sizzix BIGkick.

Jack OLantern Hair Bow Painted Shrink Plastic

Using a paint pen (or any type of media your shrink plastic directions say is acceptable), paint the rough side of the shrink plastic jack-o-lantern.  Once the paint dries, bake the jack-o-lantern according to the package directions.  Make sure you turn on your oven light so you can watch the jack-o-lantern shrink like the Wicked Witch of the West!

Hair Raising Awesomeness: Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Bow

While your jack-o-lantern embellishment is cooling, create your hair bow.  You're going to create two different sized bows using coordinating ribbon.  To create the first bow, unroll some ribbon from the spool and place the end of the ribbon over the palm of your hand.  Wrap the ribbon around your hand again twice, making sure that each loop you're creating is the same size.

Hair Raising Awesomeness: Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Bow

Once you have the ribbon wrapped three times, it should look like the photo above.  Note how one tail of the ribbon is pointing up, and the other is pointing down.  Once you have made sure your loops are the same size and big enough to create the size of bow you want, cut the ribbon off of the spool.

Hair Raising Awesomeness: Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Bow

Carefully pinch the middle of the three loops together to create a bow and secure with wire.

Jack OLantern Hair Bow No Fray

Repeat the process for your coordinating ribbon, making sure that one bow is slightly larger than the other.  Once your bows are complete, dab Fray Check over the ends of the ribbon to make sure they don't unravel.  Then it's time to put together your hair bow.

Jack OLantern Hair Bow Glue

To assemble your hair bow, you'll need a small length of ribbon that matches one of your bows, hot glue, a piece of scrap felt, and an alligator hair clip.

Jack OLantern Hair Bow Glue Center

Glue the smaller bow on top of the larger bow.  Fold the edges of the small length of ribbon in on itself to create a thinner piece of ribbon.  Using hot glue, attach the ribbon to the center of the bow, wrap the ends of the ribbon around the bow, and secure with hot glue.

Jack OLantern Hair Bow Glue Clip

To attach the hair clip to the bow, open the clip and place a piece of scrap felt inside.  Close the clip.  Using hot glue, attach the hair bow to the top of the hair clip.

Jack OLantern Hair Bow Final

Place a small amount of hot glue on the back of the jack-o-lantern embellishment and attach it to the center of the bow to complete your Halloween hair bow.

Jack OLantern Hair Bow Final 2

I just love how festive this hair bow is, and I know a couple of little girls who would rather find a cute hair bow like this in their trick-or-treat bags than candy!

There are several brand new Tim Holtz Halloween Bigz Dies that you could use to make other spooky hair bow embellishments or even jewelry.  Wouldn't the shrink plastic embellishments make awesome charms or brooches?!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today for this Halloween Sizzix tutorial!




Other Supplies Used:

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