Low Maintenance Succulents? We've Got Them Here!

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-10

I love creating little succulent planters. Not only are they the houseplant-du-jour, but they're also fairly low maintenance when compared to other plants. That doesn't mean that I haven't killed my fair share of succulents either. Give something a label of "I don't need to be watered very often" and suddenly I'm Neglecto-Mommy, and my succulents are trying to wave their little cacti arms at me as I walk past.

Recently, I've discovered a new kind of succulent - the paper variety. Not only are these little plants beautiful, but they're extremely low maintance. Just give them a dusting every once in a while.

For this project, I used two sets of thinlits: the 2-D and 3-D Succulent 6Pack, and the Barrel Cactus Thinlits die.

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-2-3

The barrel cactus starts with this hook-shaped die.

I cut out eight of these shapes using cardstock from Lynda Kanase's Succulent Serenity collection. I love that one side of the cardstock is patterned with adorable little succulents, but the other side is reminiscent of a cacti surface with softly ombre-d colours.

Also, can we talk about how fabulous the glittery cutting pads are? I LOVE them, and I don't ever lose them on my work table. 

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-4-2

The ends of the "cacti hooks" connect to each other in the center. Because I love my glue gun, I tacked these ends together with little blobs of glue, to ensure that they stayed put.

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-1-3

Then, I pulled each hook up to the center, allowing it to create a pinwheel in the center of the cactus.

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-6

I topped the cactus off with a die cut from the Succulent Thinlits Die set, cut out of soft purple cardstock.

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-2-2

The cactus is one of my favourites. I feel as though it can be used in many card-making applications as well. I cut out two cactus shapes and then used a little pokey tool to poke out all of the tufts of spikes all over the cactus body. Then, I cut one cactus from the little notch at its bottom to the cross in its middle. I cut the other from the notch at the top down to the notch in its middle.

I slipped them together and...

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-4

So cute!

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-1

The succulents are put together in a style very much like the paper flowers I used for my grapevine wreath. I cut out eight of each shape from cardstock, and then curled the petals using the barrel of a small crochet hook.

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-1-2

I built the succulents on a quilting chalk pencil, if you can believe it - but if you're like me and also don't have a pokey-flower-building-tool, you can improvise with tools in your craft room. A mechanical pencil, a small screwdriver... take a look around and see what you've got!

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-2

I had this concrete planter just waiting for some sort of succulent to join it. But when I went to build the arrangement, I realized that I was out of floral foam.

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-3

Thankfully, these plants don't need water, so aluminum foil made for a great stand in. I hot glued the succulents to the foil and then filled the space with spanish moss.

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-5
I was thrilled with the results! The succulents look real!

Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-8

I love that these little succulents can now live wherever, without demanding any of my attention. Waterless, maintenance-free little house plants: who can ask for anything more?


Other Materials Used:

  • Planter
  • Aluminum foil/floral foam
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Spanish Moss

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