According to the legend of the dream catcher, hanging one above your bed while you sleep allows your dreams to float through the middle, whilst capturing nightmares in its web until they evaporate in the morning sunrise. Now, we can't promise a dream catcher will give you a perfect nights sleep, but we can say that we think they make a really special addition to your home décor!

Here's some of our favorite dream catcher designs that are trending right now which you can make at home!


Mystical Macramé

Macramé is a technique of weaving and knotting that creates beautiful boho-chic results. We love the look of these and they give a mature and contemporary feel to dream catchers.,,


Tassels and Pom Pom Daydreams

From babies to adults, dream catchers embellished with tassels and pom poms are so versatile allowing you to create a look to suit everyone! Use neutral colours for a mature design, or fluffy pastels and funky designs that are perfect for nurseries and kids' bedrooms! Pom poms are a fun and simple make and are the perfect activity to get kids involved with.,


Fairy Tale Arrows

Rethink your dream catcher designs with the use of arrows! These romantic fairy tale designs are simple to make, using some wood dowels and felt. Complete the look by hanging feathers and embellishments to your dream catcher!,


Woven Dreams

Weaving is one of this year's biggest trends in making and looks amazing fused with a traditional dream catcher! Use various thicknesses of threads and yarns to create a textured make with all your favorite colors. We love these designs and think they're a super fun way to create a contemporary dream catcher.


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