Make These Adorable Christmas Ornaments In One Afternoon!

Melanie here from the QSA Team here at Sizzix. I am a firm believer in “idle hands make the devil’s work”, but I also love cuddling up on the couch with my family. Sound like a rock and a hard place? Not when you have wool projects you can be working on. The kiddo still fits in the crook of my arm and is very helpful when Momma needs to rethread.

This is one of the many reasons I love Sizzix. This is such a quick project where you can get at least three of these done in an afternoon with minimal interruptions. I think the part that takes the longest is deciding which one to cut out and work on first.

I started with Gingerbread man from Rosebud's Cottage Holiday Greetings die; they always bring me to a fond childhood memory.  After I cut him out of a scarp piece of brown wool; I auditioned him to see which oval he would look best on and cut out two green Medium Ovals.

I then went ahead and picked out my thread choices to make sure that I would be ready for the evening sitting with my family. I may have snuck in some hand stitching before playtime was over.

I love how simple and easy it is to put these together, and they bring such charm to whatever they may go on, whether that be on the Tree, strung up on the window or even used as a gift tag. They can even be as simple or complex as YOU want them to be.

Happy Quilting!

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One thought on “Make These Adorable Christmas Ornaments In One Afternoon!”

  • Mindy

    So adorable and beautiful! Thank You for the project this will make cute banners too. The ornaments will be cherished for years.

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