We love our Sizzix machines and dies, but sometimes it can feel like they take all the spotlight. So today we want to talk about the unsung heroes of our crafting products:  the hard working Cutting Pads.

These accessories play an important a role in creating beautiful, flawless and fun shapes. The Cutting Pad is almost always part of the equation when building a Sizzix sandwich. For those who may be unfamiliar, a Sizzix sandwich refers to the variety of layering options users have to correctly position their die, material, and Cutting Pad, to get the perfect cut and result.

But with all the work they put in, Cutting Pads can show some wear. In fact, Ellison's Director of Research and Development, Kevin Corcoran, says indents are to be expected.

"It's perfectly normal to see lines in your Cutting Pad after using your die, both vertically and horizontally," he explains.

While these lines do not affect the quality of your cuts when used correctly, it is possible to wear out your Cutting Pads prematurely if certain guidelines are not followed. Not to worry, we've got three great tips compiled in the video below to make sure you're getting the most out of your Cutting Pads.

Another thing to keep in mind is the now infamous "Finger Test" as Stephanie Barnard calls it. If you notice that when you press your finger down on your cutting pad when it's on your big shot, the cutting pad moves down with the weight of your finger to lay flat against your platform, that's a sign that it's time to flip it and use the other side. You can check out her Facebook Live video here (at the 9:33 mark) to see what we mean.

So, to review:

  • Use every part of your Cutting Pad
  • Use both sides of your Cutting Pad
  • Cut into the valley side to relieve pressure caused by cupping

Easy, simple and so very useful. What's the next project you're going to take on with your Cutting Pads?