Black Friday is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year with many shoppers looking for discounted deals and gifting opportunities. An impressive one in six of us are planning to purchase, this Black Friday is predicted to have the highest overall shopper participation at a huge 81% (eMarketer).

In 2018, majority of retailers participated in the Black Friday frenzy (with some starting to promote as early as Halloween). In the US alone, it is set to be the first-ever trillion-dollar holiday season (The Balance).

Kick start your holiday shopping with these top tips!

Create a wish list

Create a list of what you have in mind to purchase this Black Friday. Once you know what you want, you can make a swift purchase decision to ensure you don't miss out on great deals! Some websites have a 'wishlist' tool which is perfect for creating lists.

Become a social butterfly

Prior to Black Friday, follow all of your favorite brands on social media. Keep a close look out on these accounts for sale previews or exclusive ads. You could also sign up to their newsletters!

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Set up an online account in advance

To speed up your checkout process, why not create an account in advance? This prevents wasting time and ensures you will bag your deals in time!

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Don't forget Cyber Monday

If you don't get the products you want on Black Friday, don't forget Cyber Monday! There will be new deals available.

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