Romantic Valentine Candy Box

Hi everyone- Eileen here... One of my favorite holidays is only a week away! Why do I love Valentine's Day so much? Well, the candy is always fun, and the love (of course)... but best of all, it gives you a reason to craft for your favorite people.

 I I made a pretty girly project using the new Heart Box die.

This is a ScoreBoards die, which means it is specially designed to cut and score matboard, chipboard and other thicker materials to create sturdy, beautiful boxes that assemble quickly and easily. That means you get to use your extra time embellishing it! Did you know ScoreBoards are exclusive to Sizzix?

SCOREBOARDS TIP: It's easy to create a box using your favorite patterned papers. Simply coat the back of a sheet of paper with spray adhesive and then adhere the wrong side of a piece of matboard. THEN run your project through your machine. Rolling through the Big Shot will fuse the paper and matboard together. Perfect every time- everything is cut all together!

From the Heart (newest die collection) should now be available in your local scrapbook stores. And if you don't see the dies there, for heaven's sake, make sure and ask your store owner to order them! You will use these dies all year long, I promise.

I designed the Heart Box with vintage candy boxes in mind. A couple of things about this die... In order to get you the biggest box for your buck, you will have to cut the die twice- one set for the box bottom and one set for the lid. It may look a little tricky but trust me, I will show you an easy way to assemble this. You will be a pro in no time.

Die cut two sets of the Heart Box. I cut mine from aqua matboard...

die cutting
Add tape to all of the sides. Before assembling the box, make sure to bend over all of the score lines to break the fibers and make it easier to work with.

Trim the excess tape away for a neater box inside. Using one of each side, place the long tab facing the point of the heart down onto the base of the heart.

Tape tabs to edges of heart, staying as close to the outside of the heart as you can. Repeat with opposing side.

Wrap a rubber band around the outside of the box. Add a line of glue in the pointy corner of the heart and along the join on top of the heart.

Here's the trick I promised! Remove the tape liner.  Arrange remaining pieces like this and...

set the remaining sides inside the box you have already put together in a heart shape (see above).

The pieces should nest inside so that when you put the top and bottom pieces of the box together they will set right inside each other!

Now place the remaining heart shape on top of the box, taking care to line it up so the heart is even with the rest of the box.
Press into position. Flip box over and fingerpress the tabs down.

Wasn't that easy? I told you :-)

Glue point of heart and top join as you did with the first one.

I made the Flower, Layers with Heart Petals from one of my husband's old white dress shirts. For a look at how I made it, visit my blog for instructions.

The little "i heart you" label is part of the Hearts & More Sizzlits set. I used a fun hat pin (that has been in my drawer forever) to attach the banner to the ribbon. I cut the banner from glitter wrapping paper.

On a personal note, here's a picture of me and my son who just returned from Afghanistan on Superbowl Sunday. Welcome home Chris- we are so proud of you!


die cutting supplies

Want to put a little more HEART in your die cutting ART?  Eileen's From the Heart collection is the perfect collection to do that!  You can find it as well as many other great collections online at

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