Sew Cute With Walmart- Pocket Pillow with Appliquéd Flowers

pocket pillow by karin jordan for sizzix

Hi! It's Karin from Leigh Laurel with a tutorial on how to make a 16" square pocket pillow with appliquéd flowers and a felt owl that can be taken out and played with. My six-year-old daughter loves secret notes and hidden treasures; she will be able to put these cherished objects in the pocket.

felt owl by karin jordan for sizzix

The owl is made of wool felt and is optional (but whimsical!).

fabric for challenge

This project was part of a challenge by Sizzix that each of the quilting design team members participated in. We were sent the fabric, pictured above, and four new Sizzix dies. I selected the fabric from the choices above and got going! Let's get started: Cut a 17" square of fabric for the pillow front, a 17" square for the back of the pillow and a 11 x 17" piece of fabric for the pocket, making sure it's going the correct direction if the fabric is directional.

sizzix sandwich

All the dies fit in the Fabi or Big Shot, but I wanted to use several at a time, and the entire sheet of felt can go through the Big Shot Pro without having to hand cut it first. For the stems, leaves, and flowers, fuse the fabric to Pellon® 805 Wonder-Under® according to manufacturer's instructions before die cutting. Create the Sizzix sandwich — sliding tray, cutting pad, die with blades facing up, fabric and top cutting pad — and crank it through the machine. Using the circle die, die cut one of each of the three sizes of circles for the flowers. Use the wing on the owl die to die cut the leaves. Hand cut half inch strips for the stems, varying them in height, remembering that they will extend to the bottom of the pillow under the pocket. Fussy cut fabric for the centers of the flowers.

pocket pillow B

Arrange the flowers as desired; I staggered the height and played around with the leaves until I was satisfied. Remove the paper backing and fuse in place.

pocket pillow C

Take the 11 x 17" piece of fabric for the pocket and fold it in half lengthwise. Press and stitch along the top edge as shown.

pocket pillow D

Appliqué all parts of the flowers using coordinating (or contrasting!) thread. My favorite appliqué stitch is #45 on my Janome New Home 7700.

pocket pillow E

Once the flowers are appliquéd, pin the pocket (with the raw edges on the bottom) and sew around the bottom and sides with 1/4" seam allowance. Remove the pins.

pocket pillow F

Right sides together, lay the pillow top with pocket down on the backing fabric. Pin the bottom edges together and baste with 1/2" seam allowance. Remove the pins and press the basted seam open.

pocket pillow G

Center a 16" zipper upside down on the seam that was just pressed open. Return your machine back to a regular stitch length (I often forget to do this!) and sew a rectangle around the zipper (on the grey part, taking care to not go into the teeth).

pocket pillow H

Flip the pillow over and with a seam ripper, rip the basted stitches away from the zipper. Open the zipper enough for your hand to fit through. Fold the pillow back into a square with right sides together and pin the three sides without the zipper. Sew those sides with a 1/2" seam allowance, remove the pins, clip the corners, turn the pillow right side out and press the seams. Insert a 16" pillow insert and it's all done!

felt owl in pocket pillow by karin jordan

To make the owl, use the owl die and die cut two pieces of two pieces of felt for the body and glue them together. I use Fabri-tac as it dries quickly and is clear. Die cut the rest of the owl pieces and glue them on to the body. Tuck him into the pocket!

pocket pillow sans owl by karin jordan

I can only imagine what sorts of things my daughter will be sticking in the pocket for safe keeping. As I write this post, she is curled up on it reading a book to the owl.

Happy sewing!

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Owl die
Circle die

Other Materials Used:

  • Fabric
  • Coordinating thread
  • Pellon® 805 Wonder-Under®
  • Fabri-tac
  • Wool felt
  • 16" zipper
  • 16" Pellon® pillow form

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