Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Poinsettia Pin by Catherine Scanlon

Hello, Catherine here. I don't know about you, but this time of the year leaves me frazzled and stressed with little crafting time. If I could just find 15 or 20 minutes here and there to make a few little things I know my mood would improve and I wouldn't feel so scattered and like I have no time for myself.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Poinsettia Pin by Catherine Scanlon

So, today I took 20 minutes to create this beautiful poinsettia pin and I wanted to share how you can make one too! This gorgeous (and VERY QUICK) poinsettia was made using Susan's Garden Poinsettia Thinlit 658865. You can use it as a lapel pin or as a decoration to add to a Christmas stocking like I did.

For this project I also used the Circles #4 Originals Die, Tim Holtz Jumbo Tattered Florals 659441, Cream Wool Felt, Flower Stamens, Hot Glue Gun, Vintage Glass Glitter, a 1" pin back and Craft Glue.

You'll want to get all your pieces cut in advance as this project really moves along quickly -- you could easily make a large batch of these and use them as napkin ring decorations, or give them to all the ladies at your holiday party to wear on their lapel during your celebration in no time!

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Poinsettia Pin by Catherine Scanlon

I started with the 2" circle on the bottom and hot glued 5 of the 2" x 1 1/4" leaves from the Poinsettia Thinlit set, squeezing them in around the circle so they overlapped just a little. For the next layer, I decided to give the flower some dimension, so I put a little bead of hot glue at the base of the next smaller leaf (1 1/2 x 1) and squeezed just the end together.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Poinsettia Pin by Catherine Scanlon

When the next layer of leaves was all prepared I used the hot glue gun to attach them to the center of the base. To give my flower pin some dimension, I hot glued 4 smaller leaves (1 1/2 x 3/4), adding just enough glue in the center to attach them and let them stand up. To create the center of the flower I folded 3 flower stamens in half and glued them to the tiny flower (1 1/8" x 1 1/8") that came with the Poinsettia Thinlit set. A big dollop of hot glue in the center of the flower secured the stamen in place. The last thing my lapel pin needed was the pin back. I could have stitched it in place, but a nice hot bead of glue did the trick just as well.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Poinsettia Pin by Catherine Scanlon

As a final embellishment I used craft glue to add some Vintage Glass Glitter to the petals to make it look like the flower was out in an icy storm, which was a nice touch. When the craft glue dried the flower has a nice shimmer to it.

I decided to use my Poinsettia Wool Lapel Pin to decorate a wool stocking I picked up at the craft store, but I'm sure my Mother will be asking why I didn't make her one to wear to church on Christmas Eve.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Poinsettia Pin by Catherine Scanlon

Before I attached it to the stocking I added some lace and scallops to create a fancy cuff for the stocking. On top of that I added some leaves I created using the Jumbo Tattered Florals die. I used the same cream wool felt for the leaves and got out my sewing machine to stitch the veins in each leaf with cream thread.I also used the extra leaves and stamens to create some tiny buds to accent the larger flower. All of these leaves were hot glued in place on the cuff and the Lapel Pin placed in the center.

This was a super easy, and quick way to decorate an inexpensive stocking and really give it some pizzazz. I'm thinking I might fill it up with toiletries and take it to the Women's Shelter in town.

Thanks for stopping by today,  hope you have a magical and wonderful holiday season!


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