Sizzix Maker Challenge With Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Sizzix Maker Challenge With Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Hello, Makers!

Today is no ordinary Monday. We're jumping up and down with some serious excitement. We've been waiting to share our latest maker challenge and that day has finally come. Are you ready to go on a brand new making adventure? Let's start off with a little info from the one and only Victoria Findlay Wolfe:

Are you ready? Let's dive right in! Here are all the details you need to know in order to enter our maker challenge and be eligible to win a special prize!

1. How do you submit projects?
You can submit your makes to us via our Maker Challenge Page, which will not only enter you for this Maker Challenge, but it will also give you a chance to have your make featured in one of our future marketing campaigns!

2. What are the project rules?
You can get as creative as you want! To create your project, grab your favorite Victoria Findlay Wolfe fabric from Marcus Fabrics and choose at least one of the following Victoria Findlay Wolfe dies: Totally Trees, Diamond Point, Varied Triangle, Signature Block, Twist, and Curved Braid. The size has to be greater than 16" but smaller than a 60" square.

3. When you say "Quilt" what do you mean?
For the purpose of this challenge, when we say quilt we mean that your project has to have a top, batting, and a backing as well as being completely bound upon completion.

4. How is the winner selected?
You will have from now until October 8th to enter the challenge and the winner will be selected randomly by Victoria at a later date! Check back in October for the announcement!

5. Who is eligible to participate?
EVERYONE! We want everyone all over the world to show off their incredible quilting projects (and we can't wait to see them!)

6. What do you win?Untitled design
The winner will win not just one but TWO of Victoria's brand new quilting dies (they're a surprise!) AND a bundle of VIctoria's Fabric from Marcus Fabrics!

And that's it! Ready, set, SEW!

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