Care to scare? Ready to put the scream in Halloween? Then this project is for you! Melanie here from Sizzix headquarters, and I'm here to share a fantastically quick pillow project to add to your night of fright. Let's get started!

Assembling the Pillow Top:

  1. As shown in the photo, arrange the letters and circles in a pleasing manner on the pillow front. Heat fuse in place with an iron.
  2. Use coordinating embroidery floss to stitch down the letters and create the spiders.
  3. Use decorative stitching where desired.


  1. Place the pillow top right side up on a table. Lay one of the 13" x 10" rectangles, wrong side up, lining up the raw edges with the raw edges of the pillow top. Fold the rectangle wrong sides together.
  2. Lay the second 13" x 10" rectangle, wrong side up, on the side of the pillow top that is not covered. Folding wrong sides together. The backs will overlap, which will allow you to insert the pillow form. Pin the backs and top together.
  3. Stitch a 1/4" seam around the outside edge of the pillow.
  4. Turn pillow top right side out.
  5. Insert the pillow form.

And you're done! Hope you had fun sewing with us in this most boo-tiful season of all!

Quilt Happy!