Spooky Mixed Media Necklace

Halloween Jewelry: More Fun Than Wearing A Costume

Hey guys, Adrianne here with you today to share a spooky accessory!  Although I've long since outgrown dressing up for Halloween, I still really love that it's a day where you can get away with wearing something festive.  I'm showing you today how to use Sizzix Movers & Shapers and DecoEtch dies to create textured layers of metal and leather that you can stack together to make a great Halloween necklace.

I love that the Sizzix Big Shot can die-cut so many different kinds of materials.  You can also make this necklace with a lot of other mediums - try felt, thin sheet metal, plastic, and even paper along with Vintaj discs to stack up the look you like best!  This design makes a pendant approximately 1.5 inches in diameter, so it's festive without being too flashy.

Halloween Jewelry: More Fun Than Wearing A Costume

First, die-cut your leather pieces using the Sizzix Movers & Shapers Base Tray, and the new Tim Holtz Tiny Bat, Cross, and Shield Movers & Shapers dies.  To die-cut individual shapes, Movers & Shapers can just be placed inside the magnetic base tray, and set the leather pieces on top.  Create your Sizzix sandwich by placing a Cutting Pad on top of and below the base tray.  Roll the tray through your Sizzix Big Shot, and you have instant holiday shapes!  For this project, I have used the shield and bat in orange and dark brown upholstery leather.  (You can find remnants and scraps in most craft stores.)

Halloween Jewelry: More Fun Than Wearing A Costume

Using an awl or a hand punch, punch small holes in your leather pieces to layer them together.  Then, add texture to a Vintaj Brass Blank using a Sizzix DecoEtch die with an all-over pattern like the Daisy Swirl.  Set the Mulitpurpose Platform to tab #1, place the blank on the DecoEtch die, and sandwich it between your cutting pads.  Roll it through your Big Shot to create instant texture to the blank.  You can distress it lightly with a Vintaj Reliefing Block so that more of the pattern is visible.  This brass blank will serve as your pendant base, and the leather shapes can stack on top.

Halloween Jewelry: More Fun Than Wearing A Costume

Optionally, you can add beads or other charms!  This 10mm crystal teardrop bead has a fire polish finish so is shines different colors from different angles.  The brown and purple tones look great with the brass patina and brown leather, so I created a simple dangling charm to add.

To make a simple charm, add a bead onto a 2" jewelry head pin.  Loop the end of the pin over a pair of round nosed pliers, forming a loop.  Then, wrap the wire around the pin between the loop and the bead.  If you have excess wire, you can cut it off with wire cutters.  Add a 6mm jump ring to the loop - this will give it more movement when you wear it!

Halloween Jewelry: More Fun Than Wearing A Costume

Finally, layer your leather pieces and optional bead charm together with a large 12mm jump ring.  (Tip: if you're new to jewelry-making, jump rings simply twist open and closed with a pair of jewelry pliers.)  You can now srting your new layered pendant onto a chain, and it's ready to wear!  Any length of chain is fine for this necklace - I've chosen a 26" long necklace, which places the pendant below the chest but above the belly (depending, of course, on your stature).  You may notice that I have also mixed metals - brass and silver tones.  In mixed media pieces, this is something you can get away with in many cases, so don't worry about matching your elements exactly!

Halloween Jewelry: More Fun Than Wearing A Costume

Thanks for joining me for this fun Halloween jewelry project today!



Other Supplies Used:

  • Scraps of Upholstery Leather in Orange and Dark Brown
  • Hand Punch (or Awl) for Leather
  • 10mm Fire Polish Black Teardrop Bead
  • 2 inch Jewelry Head Pin
  • 12mm Jump Ring
  • 6mm Jump Ring
  • Chain Nose Jewelry Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • 26" Necklace Chain

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