Halloween is just around the corner! For us makers, this is time of year is such a great opportunity to create some spooky home décor makes to celebrate this fun holiday. This project can be made with just one die, or if you prefer, its a good opportunity to dig out some of your old Halloween die sets and really go for it!

You Will Need:

How To Make:

Begin by selecting your jar. I used the Chapter 3 Spooky Halloween die set. If you plan on using this set, I would suggest a smaller jar as the die-cut element doesn't take up a lot of space. I used an old olive jar because I go through olives like nobody's business. Here's a picture of what you'll need.

Mix some Sizzix Express Glue with water by adding the glue to a palette or surface and spraying with a spray bottle while mixing until the consistency is slightly more watery. Paint the solution to completely cover the outside of the jar. You don't have to worry about the covering being even as this will create a messy texture over the jar that will look fantastic later in the process (I promise!)

Once the solution is dry (This can be sped up using the Sizzix Heat Tool), adhere the trick-or-treater element of the 'Spooky Halloween' die set to the front of the jar using Express Glue. Then paint over evenly in black acrylic paint.

Leave the paint to dry or dry with the heat tool. apply some silver gilding wax to your finger tip. Make sure you have some scrap card to take off the excess gilding wax as this stuff is hard to get off surfaces. Apply lightly using your finger. you will start to see the raised die-cut piece standing out as the silver wax takes to it, also, the messy brush textures from the glue solution take on the wax to create a really lovely textured effect (told you!)

Apply the same processes to the lid and add some twine around the top to create a really lovely Halloween treat/candle jar. I chose to add a small amount of bronze gilding wax just to add a hint of another color.

Thanks for reading ? I would love to see your own take on this in the comments.