Show your style and create your own face mask using our easy to follow step by step guide. Create a mask you are proud of and never want to leave the house without! Choose your own fabrics, patterns and embellishments and get crafting!

When creating a mask it is recommended that masks for adults should have 3 layers. For children 2 layers is sufficient, but you can also add a filter!

We have created one adult size mask and a children's mask. Here is a step by step guide showing how she created both of the masks!

For fabrics, you will want to choose a natural fabric to maximize air flow and to make it more comfortable. For this project we chose the same print for the Inner and Outer layers and a different fabric for the filter on the adult mask. A high percentage cotton fabric will work well. Here we have used fabric with the Oeko-Tex label, as these are free from harmful chemicals and safest on projects sitting next to the skin.

The filter for this face mask is a cotton jersey t-shirt weight, that will wash easily, you can also use interfacing. It’s recommended to use a non-woven fabric.

When adding custom details, make sure that any materials added do not compromise the ease of wear or the safety of the mask. For this reason, extra care has been taken when choosing, using and placing adhesives on masks, so that airflow is not inhibited.

You can adjust the size of the mask easily by using a different size seam allowance for this project, we used a seam allowance of 6mm (1/4''). A larger seam allowance will result in a smaller mask and vice versa. Keep the seam allowance consistent throughout each mask, to keep the mask shape proportional.

Adult Mask:

You will need:

30 x 40cm (11.8'' x 15.7'') fabric for outer and inner layers, more is needed if matching patterns.

30 x 20cm (11.8''x 7.87'') filter fabric.

60cm (23.6'') contrasting bias binding

70cm (27.5'') 3mm (0.11'') elastic (approx), cut into 2 x 35cm (13.7'') pieces.

Coordinating threads

Sizzix Face Masks

1.Cut 6 shapes using your mask die. You will need, 2 outer fabric (1 right side up, 1 right side down), 2 inner (1 right side up, 1 right side down), 2 filter cut outs. (Take extra care on fabric placement if fabric has a directional design, or a repeat you would like to appear in a specific place.)

2. Pin and then stitch layers in their pairs, right sides together.  If using a filter layer, layer one filter layer, the two outer layers right sides together, and then the final filter layer on top, pin and stitch. This will keep the filter in place to keep it in place within the mask once made up.

3. Optional embellishment! Embellish the outer layer as much or little as desired. Make sure that all embellishments can stand washing regularly at high temperatures and are securely fixed.

4. Layer mask layers with the inner layer right side down, then the joined together filter layer and the outer layer right side up. Pin the layers together carefully. Tack round the mask near the edge to hold in place more securely if desired, using a large stitch to make it easy to remove, once fully machine stitched.

5. Leaving the starting edge unfixed, pin and stitch bias tape around the edge of the mask, making sure to tuck all the edges of the layers into the bias tape. Stitch close to the edge of the bias tape, pinning a short length at a time, to ensure you follow the curved edges of the mask accurately. To finish, tuck one bias end under the other, folding back the starting edge, so that there are no raw edges showing. Stitch in place carefully, trim threads.

6. Iron

7. Fold ends over and stitch in place, creating a channel for elastic to be threaded through and knot to the correct length to fit face. Once knotted into a loop, pull elastic until the knot is hidden in the channel you have created. (You can pull this through and adjust the size of the elastic loops by re-knotting the elastic in a different place)

8. Completed project.

Children's mask:

You will need:

30 x 30cm (11.8'' x 11.8'') cotton fabric with animal fur design.

20 x 20cm (7.87'' x 7.87'') cotton fabric for embellishments

60cm (23.6'') 3mm (0.11'') elastic (approx), cut into 2 x 30cm (11.8'') lengths

Coordinating thread

Sizzix Face Mask Die

1.Cut 4 layers of fabric, 2 right side up, 2 right side down.

2. Pin and stitch into pairs, right sides together.

3. On outer layer, add embellishment - I used Animal Mask Die 664386, and Adhesive Iron On Sheet 663009. Iron on shapes as desired, leaving the space over the nostrils and mouth as only 2 layer of fabric maximum.

4. Zig-zag stitch around embellishment shapes used to make mask safe for repeated washing.

5. Pin outer and inner layers right sides together and straight stitch along the top and bottom edges.

6. Turn right side out and iron seams flat.

7. Fold over and iron two ends to make a channel on each end, ensuring no raw edges are showing.

8. Thread elastic through channel on each side, knot to required length and then twist the elastic, until the knot is hidden in the channel. Project is complete.

We hope you enjoy making your own masks! Remember to tag us when creating your masks using the Sizzix mask die! Tag #donatetomake to show us your wonderful crafting creations!