If You're a Succa for Succulents You'll LOVE This DIY!


Oh how I'm loving this succulent trend! From grocery store to home decor boutiques, I'm seeing succulents everywhere - live ones for those with green thumbs and artificial ones for the rest of us. But I love no succulents more than those I can make myself with my crafting supplies and that no one can kill! Hi, I'm Mou Saha and here's a tutorial to show you how to make the succulent arrangement above.

Let's start by looking at the supplies you'll need for this project.


Other Materials Used:

  • Adhesive
  • Cardstock
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Craft moss
  • Ink pads
  • Paint brush
  • Recycled i-phone box
  • Scissors

Now, let me walk you through the steps.


To die-cut the pieces for the barrel cactus, create the following Sizzix Sandwich: on a Sizzix Accessory Magnetic Platform For Wafer-Thin Dies, lay another Sizzix Accessory Standard Cutting Pad. On it, lay out the body and flower pieces of the Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 2PK - Barrel Cactus, 3-D dies blade side up. Place your green cardstock on the body die and pink over the flower and cover with the other Standard Cutting Pad. Pass the whole Sizzix Sandwich through the Sizzix Big Shot machine. Repeat nine more times to get all the pieces of the body of the barrel cactus and two-three pieces for the flower.


Slide the end of one of the Barrel Cactus  diecut body piece through the slot of the next piece till you have something that looks like this.


Bring the tops of the individual hands together and glue in place to assemble the barrel cactus. Attach the flower layers on top. Gently sculpt the petals up and ink the petal for a touch of reality. Set aside.


To diecut the stem cactus, repeat the exact same sandwich technique with Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 6PK - Succulents, 2-D & 3-D. You'll need two pieces.


You'll notice three small notches in your stem cactus die-cuts - at the top, middle and bottom. With scissors, cut from top to middle on one die-cut and bottom to middle on the other. Slide the two pieces together to build the stem cactus.


Push out the thorns gently and set aside.


To die-cut the pieces of the round cactus, repeat the exact same sandwich technique with Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 6PK - Succulents, 2-D & 3-D. You'll need ten body and then thorn pieces.


Attach a thorn piece to each end of five of the body pieces.

Fold the body pieces in halves. Attach one thorned piece to a non-thorn piece alternatively till the whole cactus is constructed. Rub on ink pads to the surface of the cacti pieces to accentuate the texture.


To die-cut the pieces of the succulent, repeat the exact same sandwich technique with Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 6PK - Succulents, 2-D & 3-D. The number of individual die-cut pieces you'll need will depend on how many succulents you want in your arrangement and how dense you want each to be. My plan was to make one big and one small of leafy succulents and two small hanging succulents. I cut out about ten pieces of each design from green and blue cardstock.


Layer the pieces together as shown and attach with adhesive at the center only. Curl up the leaves gently with your fingers. Pat inkpad on the surface to get those red ends on your succulent leaves. Set aside.


Attach the ends of each leaf together to form a bulbous shape as you see in hanging succulents. Attach one bulb to the next with adhesive to look like a chain.


These are the finished pieces of the cacti and succulents.

Prepare a box or another container as the planter. I up-cycled my i-phone box base for this. Paint the box. I used chalkboard paint. When dry, pat some ink on it for a woodsy look.

Place craft moss in your planter and glue your cacti and succulents in a pleasing arrangement.

Now show it off on your shelf or give it as a gift!


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