Sizzix Tutorial | Summer Fun Quilt by Karrie Winters

Hello everyone!!! I am a new face in this neck of the woods so let me introduce myself.  My name is Karrie Winters (a.k.a KarrieLyne) and I blog over at Freckled Whimsy.  I also have my own quilt pattern company called Freckled Whimsy.  If you get a minute someday, come on over and visit for a while.  In the meantime, I am so happy to be here with you today and I have a really fun tutorial to show you!!

Summer Fun - Freckled Whimsy - Quilt - Sizzix - Tumbler hirez

Today's tutorial is a fun and cheery lap quilt that you can make for yourself for those chilly summer days.  I like to call a quilt this size a "knee warmer quilt" because it's not big enough to snuggle up under to watch a movie, but it is perfect to just take that touch of a chill away when needed.  It's also a great size for a small child!

The quilt measures approximately 46" x 62", with plenty of room for expandability!


Die cutting...


You should be able to die cut 4 tumblers out of a 5.5" x 21" strip from the Fat Quarter. (3 strips per fat quarter) Layer a cutting pad, the tumbler die face up, fabric up to 8 layers, then another cutting pad. Run through the machine. Cut a total of 100 tumblers from the print fabrics.

Once the prints are cut, you will also need to cut out the background tumblers.  Using the strips you cut that are 5.5" x WOF (width of fabric), die cut 96 background tumblers.  Each strip should yield at least 8 tumblers.

Lay Out...

Using the below diagram, lay out the tumblers into rows to prepare for sewing. This will ensure like prints are not right next to each other

Sizzix Tutorial | Summer Fun Quilt by Karrie Winters

Sewing the Top...

Now that all  your tumblers are laid out to your liking, we need to sew the rows together.


When doing so, we need to offset them just a touch so when they are pressed, the tops and bottoms line up properly.  They will offset at the top and bottom and will look like the photo above.  See how the green fabric just barely peeks out from the purple fabric that is on top? Right where they intersect should be 1/4".  This is also your seam allowance.   Once placed properly, sew  your 1/4" seam. Repeat for the entire row. 20140706-20140706-IMG_0306

Here is a close up of that intersection.

IMPORTANT:  Press each row to opposite sides as you sew.  Meaning, for the first row, press the tumblers to the right.  For second row, press them to the left.  Alternate each row. Once you have all the rows sewn and pressed, let's sew them together to get this top completed!


As you put your rows together, see how pressing to opposite sides works in your favor? The seams nest quite nicely which makes for perfect points!! Go ahead and begin to put your rows together, pinning at each intersection to ensure proper placement.   Then sew with a 1/4" seam allowance.


See!!! Perfect points that match perfectly!!! This is a result of a few factors.  One, is the die cutting shapes that are all the same exact size.  Two, is your 1/4" seam accuracy and three is those nesting seams.

Repeat for all rows.

Press quilt top.

Finishing Up...

Layer your quilt top, batting, and backing and quilt as desired. We need to trim off the excess batting and backing. The fun part here is you can decide what you want to do next.  I trimmed my sides so they were straight, but you can also trim along the edges to create that zig zag look. Just make sure if you choose to cut along the zigs and zags, you make biased binding or you will have a tough time going round those inner and outer points.


If you choose to trim, using a cutting mat, a rotary ruler, and your rotary cutter, trim a straight edge using the inner points as a guide. Trim both sides. After that, you are ready to bind the quilt, wash it, and give it lots of love! OR, give it away to someone else who will love it dearly!


Note:  This tutorial is for a lap sized quilt, but cutting more tumblers and following the layout you can make this any size you might need, smaller or larger!


I sure hope you enjoyed today's project!!! If you re-create this project, please be sure to share!

Much Love!!!


Sizzix Die Cutting Supplies

Other Supplies Used:

  • 9 Fat Quarter Prints - cut each into 3 strips 5.5" x 21" (Fabric shown is Emma's Garden by Patty Sloniger)
  • 2 yards background fabric - cut into 12 strips that are 5.5" x Width of Fabric (WOF)
  • 1/2 yard for binding - Cut at 2.5" x WOF
  • Batting to size - 54" X 70"
  • Backing fabric  - 54" X 70"

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8 thoughts on “Sizzix Tutorial | Summer Fun Quilt by Karrie Winters”

  • Anna-Karin

    It is beautiful Karrie! Love the happy colours.

  • Alice Segura

    I really like your quilt. The colors are so alive and happy. I am confused about the white background. Is it a strip between the rows of color? Is it more tumblers, and if so is it one set or a double set like the colored tumblers? The finished quilt shows white and the layout example does not. I'm a fairly unexperienced quilter and this confuses me.

    • KarrieLyne

      Hi Alice!!! Thank you!! The white background, yes. There are strips of tumblers that go between each set of two with the prints..Example, white strip of tumblers between rows 2 and 3, 4 and 5, 6 and 7, 8 and 9. I am in the process of updating the diagram to include the white spacer strips. Check back later today and the diagram should be updated! So sorry for the confusion!

    • KarrieLyne

      Hi again Alice!! The new diagram is now showing! Hope that helps!

  • marci piraro

    This is beautiful! Love the colors and design. I don't sew, but if I did I would want to make this!

  • KarrieLyne

    Than you Marci!! You don't sew? Well it's never to late to start! :)

  • Katty

    This is such a colorful design. Ideal for the summer months. The tutorial seems so fun and easy to follow. I am really looking forward to re-creating this project. I hope it looks as good as this when I am finished making it. I can't wait to share this design with my friends.

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