Swoon With Us for the Summer of Love with David Cruz!

Swoon With Us for the Summer of Love with David Cruz!

This summer was one of creativity, crafting and love! David Cruz from Finding-Cupid.com spent some quality time with us, sharing his love for all things romance and craft, bringing together the two for a truly spectacular Sizzix video series called Summer of Love.

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When you're planning a special date or celebration for your significant other, creating handmade gifts, cards and decorations is half the fun! These heartfelt things will also speak to your loved one and say just how special they really are to you. And, of course, you can also create all these projects we're about to show you to make a really lovely party that's all about... well, love! Your guests will marvel at your amazing talent at making an event both beautiful and special.

What's the first thing you need to get the event off to a good start?

Invitations! You need guests at your party, of course, and the best way to give a preview of what to expect for your party is with an invitation that plays into your theme. Whether you're making just one invitation for your sweetheart, or more for your closest friends, this greeting card says it all in gold and just plain modern cuteness! You can include your event details or share your sentiments to your special someone with this really simple but totally crush-worthy Love Greeting Card.

What's next on the list for planning a party? Decorations and party favors! David Cruz shows us that you can have the best of both worlds with super sweet magnets that you can cut with the Sizzix Big Shot Machine. These cuties are some of the most precious moments from a relationship's first year. Watch to to see how David creates an Anniversary Gift Bag that shares those unforgettable moments that you'll remember forever.

Treats are next on the list to really sweeten up the deal! And what better way to gift them but in these cute and modern Hexagon Candy Gram Boxes? Hexies are big as of late, hearts are always in and embossing just adds to the whole look and feel. The candies featured in the Summer of Love video series are from David's favorite candy store in Costa Mesa, California, Sugarfina! Just thinking about their assortment of fine candies makes us want to stop by and pick up a bag. Yum!

Continuing with the modern feel, this stand-up Geometric Heart Card could be created for your invitation or even for your menu! Beautiful on their own, they would also add to your atmosphere of love and creativity at each place setting.

DSC_8569_r (3)

What a stunning soiree. Each piece subtly adds to the decor of the event, making a chic atmosphere that displays your talent for crafting and party planning, as well as your excellent hosting skills!

DSC_8540_r (3)

Thank you to David Cruz for your talent, creativity and all-around goodness! We totally recommend subscribing to his blog, Finding-Cupid.com where you can find creative inspiration, advice, and shop his treasured gift and product favorites. Also, our thanks reach out to Sugarfina! Swing by to see their daily tasting menu and selection of delectable, and sometimes deliciously exotic, sweets and candies.

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And thank YOU for partaking in this incredible event with us! These projects and tips will be a HIT at your next bash. You'll be the talk, and the sweetheart, of the party.

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  • barb macaskill
    barb macaskill Aug 19, 2015 at 05:04 am

    Summer of Love with David has been fun and informational! I am definitely going to be putting these ideas into action for the next bash we throw! Thanks for having me along on this fun journey!!

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