Sizzix Tutorial | Sun and Sand Quilt by Karin Jordan

Hi! It's Karin here with a Sizzix Tutorial for you featuring a summery quilt pattern that I've called Sun and Sand.

Sizzix Tutorial-Sun and Sand Quilt by Karin Jordan

I’ve been collecting these fabrics for a while to make a quilt for my son, and what better time of year to make a beachy quilt than late May?

sun and sand fabric lls

Fabric requirements: I used six prints (1/3 yard of each) and eight blue solids (1 fat quarter of each) to make the squares. The sun rays are made up of six shades of yellow (1/3 yard each) and 3/4 yard of Kona Oyster (not pictured) for the sandy triangles. Also needed are 1/2 yard of fabric for the sashing, 1/2 yard for the binding and 3 3/4 yards for the backing. Note: after this photo was taken, I substituted an additional yellow for the orange fabric at the top left of this photo.

print squares lls

Using the Sizzix Bigz XL 25" Die - Squares, 4 1/2" Finished, die cut nine squares of each of the six prints. Die cut 27 squares of the blue fabrics. There will be 81 squares. I used my Big Shot Pro with the Extended Cutting Pads with this die.

sun and sand block lls

While the layout of the squares in this quilt appears to be random, it's actually broken down into nine blocks of nine squares. Each block has one of each of the six print fabrics and three of the solid blue fabrics.

sun and sand squares lls

The only 'rules' I imposed while laying this out on my design wall were that no two solids could be touching, and identical print fabrics couldn't be side by side. It's balanced, yet there isn't a discernible pattern. With 1/4" seams, sew together the top row of nine die cut squares. Press seams to the left. Repeat for the second row; press seams to the right. Repeat for all remaining rows, making sure to alternate pressing left and right with each row. Sew row one to row two, nesting the seams to ensure alignment. Sew row three to four, and so on, until you have four pairs and a single row. Continue sewing rows together until the entire section of die cut squares is completed.

sun and sand 2 lls

For the sashing, use a rotary cutter to cut four strips, 2" wide by 41" long. Sew one piece of sashing to the top of the section of squares. Press seams as desired. Repeat for bottom sashing. Cut four 2" squares out of the sashing fabric. Sew a 2" square on each end of the remaining two pieces of sashing. Align seams and sew the side sashing on. Press seams as desired.

sun and sand triangles lls

Using the Bigz Pro Die - Triangles, Isosceles & Right 6 1/2" H Assembled, die cut 24 isosceles triangles and eight right triangles out of the six yellow solid fabrics. Die cut 28 isosceles triangles from the oyster solid. With a rotary cutter, cut four 6 1/2" squares of the oyster solid. Starting with a yellow right triangle, align edges and notched corners and sew an oyster triangle. Alternate yellow and oyster until you have a strip that starts with a right triangle, alternates seven oyster and six yellow triangles, and ends with a yellow right triangle. Press seams as desired; I pressed them open. Sew the strip of triangles to the top of the quilt. Press seams as desired; I pressed toward the sashing. Repeat this process for the bottom row of triangles. For the side panels, start and end with a 6 1/2" solid oyster square. Attach side panels and press seams.

sun and sand backing lls

Piece the backing together, make the quilt sandwich and quilt as desired. I used Pellon® Legacy™ Bamboo Blend Batting, which is 50% cotton and 50% bamboo. For the quilting I chose a subtle horizontal wave pattern. I used 50 wt Aurifil in natural white for both the piecing and quilting.

240" of binding is needed for this quilt. I used Oval Elements in Papaya Orange for the binding.

sun and sand rock 2 lls

Finished size of this throw quilt is 56 x 56". I'm hoping to take it to the beach for some fun pictures.

I don't know about you, but after the long winter and wet spring here in New England, I'm looking forward to beach weather. Happy quilting!

kkj signature 3

Sizzix Die Cutting Supplies

Other supplies used:

  • Pellon® Legacy™ Bamboo Blend Batting
  • 50 wt Aurifil Quilting Thread in natural white

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