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  • You'll Love This Watercolor DIY If You're a Fan of Succulents!


    Hello everyone! It is Anna-Karin here today, with a cacti and succulent tutorial. As a kid, I used to love getting tiny pots with cacti, something I hadn't thought of in years, but was reminded of when I worked on this project. I could even remember the individual cacti and what they looked like. It is amazing how art activities can raise memories up to the surface.

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  • Low Maintenance Succulents? We've Got Them Here!

    Sizzix Paper Cacti Arrangement-10

    I love creating little succulent planters. Not only are they the houseplant-du-jour, but they're also fairly low maintenance when compared to other plants. That doesn't mean that I haven't killed my fair share of succulents either. Give something a label of "I don't need to be watered very often" and suddenly I'm Neglecto-Mommy, and my succulents are trying to wave their little cacti arms at me a...

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  • If You're a Succa for Succulents You'll LOVE This DIY!


    Oh how I'm loving this succulent trend! From grocery store to home decor boutiques, I'm seeing succulents everywhere - live ones for those with green thumbs and artificial ones for the rest of us. But I love no succulents more than those I can make myself with my crafting supplies and that no one can kill! Hi, I'm Mou Saha and here's a tutorial to show you how to make the succulent arrangement above.

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  • Say Hello With This Sweet Succulent Card!


    Hello, Crafty Friends! Mitsyana Wright here, from Up On Tippy Toes. I 'm so happy to be a Guest Designer here again on the Sizzix Blog!

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  • Add Some Sweet Succulents To Your Home With This DIY


    Hi everyone, Jan here with today's tutorial!  Ready to find out how I created this home decor piece using some of Sizzix's new collection called, "Succulent Serenity" by Linda Kanase? Succulents seem to be pretty popular in the decorating world right now, so why not create your own decor piece or create this as a gift. Let's get started!

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