The Final Michaels Maker Challenge Winner With Candie Cooper !

The Final Michaels Maker Challenge Winner With Candie Cooper !

Hello, Makers! It's hard to believe, but our Maker Challenges featuring Candie Cooper in partnership with Michaels are over. It's been such a fabulous few weeks of makes, makes, and more makes and we have been so inspired by you! We want to share all the inspiring makes from the last six weeks of challenges but before we do...

...we would like to offer huge congratulations to the In A Snap challenge winner Cheryl Singleton!

tara kohler (1)

Let's take a look at all the previous winning makes!

Bohemian Concho 


The boho trend is a really fun one. When we were looking at all the kinds of different makers that were inspired to create their own boho-themed makes here, we couldn't help but get excited about the challenge entries. We love that Angela Besch not only incorporated beautiful conchos but also a tassel in her make! Congrats again Angela!

Denim On Point


Denim is making a huge comeback and we could not be happier! We've seen so many inspirational makes, here, but when we saw Amy Low's winning make it blew us away! Congrats again Amy!

Fringe it Up


Who doesn't love fringe? We see it on everything- from handbags to necklaces. But this make from Amy Low once again blew us away. We love that she decided to combine all these different colored tassels to make one cool statement piece. Congrats again Amy!

Embossed Metal Jewelry


We can't say we've ever seen an embossed metal jewelry piece we didn't like, but Tammy Del Nero's winning entry really goes to a whole nother level of awesome. We love how she combined different metals to create a teardrop effect. Congrats again Tammy!

Riveting Florals

tara kohler

There is just something so cool and edgy about riveted jewelry! When we look back at the very first jewelry maker challenge winner, all our adoration for Tara Kohler's make comes rushing back. Her make puts the statement in statement necklace. Congrats again Tara!

We've had such a blast getting to know makers and seeing all this creativity come together every week and we would be lying if we didn't say we were a little sad that we don't have another jewelry challenge to look forward to next week, but if you continue to create awesome pieces with our dies, let us know! We'd love to share in your excitement and maybe even share it on our social media channels. Make sure you hashtag your makes with #sizzix and on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Until next time makers!

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