This Nursery Decor DIY Is Simply Magical!


If you are like me, you too probably don't like to spruce up your home with room-in-a-bag type of decor. You might like to hand pick every single item because finding the right piece is a huge part of that experience.

But then sometimes, it seems almost impossible to find that one last piece that would pull everything together just the way you had pictured it in your head. It may not come in the right colors or size or price... I'm pretty sure that by now, you know exactly what I am talking about. As crafters, we turn to our stash and DIY skills at such times. With its wide variety of designs available, Sizzix dies are one of my go-to solutions to add a little handmade touch to my space. Hi everyone, this is Mou and the Unicorn bust with geometric garland was one such DIY project that I created using Katelyn Lizardi's newest release dies. Follow along to see how you can make this decor DIY.


Other Materials Used:

  • Patterned papers
  • Watercolor paper
  • String
  • Beads
  • Needle
  • Adhesive
  • Wood plaques
  • Paint
  • Gelatos colors
  • Paint brush
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Pens
  • Hanger


To die-cut the Geometric Garland, create the following Sizzix Sandwich: on a Sizzix Accessory - Cutting Pads, Standard, lay the Sizzix Bigz Die - Geometric Garland blade-side up. Place patterned papers on the die and cover with the other Standard Cutting Pad. Pass the whole sandwich through the Sizzix Big Shot Machine.

Repeat to die-cut as many of the Geometric Garland beads as you like using a variety of patterned papers. I stayed with one pattern and two solid colors to keep it from getting too busy.


Fold along the crease lines to assemble the Geometric Garland pieces. Use adhesive to hold the flaps in place.


Thread a long needle with string (I used about 48" of string)

NOTE: It's better to start with a longer piece of string and then cut off any excess than to risk running out of string before your garland is completed.

You'll notice that each garland piece has two holes in it. Push your needle carefully through the holes and place wooden beads (this is totally optional) at each end of the garland piece. Use a tiny dab of liquid adhesive to hold the garland piece in place on the string so all the places can be evenly distributed.


Alternate the big and small garland pieces as well the pattern and solid colors.


To die-cut the Unicorn Bust, create the following Sizzix Sandwich: on a Sizzix Accessory - Cutting Pads, Standard, lay the Sizzix Bigz L Die - Unicorn Bust blade-side up. Place watercolor paper on the die and cover with the other Standard Cutting Pad. Pass the whole sandwich through the Sizzix Big Shot Machine.

Repeat to die-cut the doubles (ears, eyes. etc.) for the Unicorn Bust.




Assemble the Unicorn Bust as I showed above or by following these instructions.


Color the Unicorn Bust with Gelatos colors as shown or choose your own color scheme and coloring medium.


Add details with pen.


To mount my Unicorn Bust, I picked two wood plaques (available at craft stores), one bigger than the other. Color the wood plaques with paint. I used blue for the small and yellow for the big one. Again, choose colors that work with your existing decor.


Once the paint dries, attach the Unicorn Bust to the small wood plaque with adhesive. Mount the small plaque to the big plaque, at about the center. I hammered a nail from the back to hold the two plaques together. You could use a strong adhesive if you prefer.


I also hammered in two small nails on the big plaque on either side of the Unicorn Bust. Just be careful to not split the wood or hurt yourself. I tied the Geometric Garland to the nails to finish.

To hang the whole piece, I nailed in a tiny picture hanger on the back of the big plaque. You can substitute that with one of the many removable hangers available these days.

I hope you enjoyed this home decor tutorial and be sure to check out these new dies by Katelyn Lizardi!


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