Top 10 Making Organization Hacks!

Start the new year in style by organizing your making space, whether you have a whole room dedicated to making, or just a cupboard! We’ve chosen the top 10 hacks that you’re sure to love, keeping all your making supplies at your fingertips helping you to boost your productivity and creativity!



Giant pegboards are super customizable and create a fun yet organized making space! Hang pots, hooks and shelves in order to keep all your favorites in hands reach displaying your making collection giving you bundles of creative inspiration!,,


2.Washi Tape Dispensers

Create your own DIY washi tape dispenser which keeps all your fun tape on display and ready for use! You can use toilet roll holders or make your own cardboard dispenser as seen below.,,, 


3.Mason Jars

Mason jars a great way to store all kinds of making essentials! Easily store and browse your making collection in organized jars, which can be customized to your taste using paint or washi tape.,,


4.Ribbon Dispensers

No more knotted ribbon! Simply dispense in a cardboard box or plastic container with holes and thread the ribbon through for a quick and easy hack that displays your colors and designs.,,


5.Scissors and Paintbrushes

Keep your scissors and paintbrushes in easy reach with these top ideas. Simply hang from hooks or use a magnetic knife rack to have your tools organized and in view.,


6.Spice Racks

Spice racks are a budget friendly hack for making essentials storage, simply install on your pegboard or display on your desk. Great for storing paints, stamps, pots and accessories.


7.Fabric Hangers

Keep your fabric crease-free by hanging them on hangers or on a ladder as seen below. This will allow you to see all your fabric designs which are made to be displayed!,


8.Paper and Cardstock Organization

Storing your paper in shelving units or pull out draws are a great way of keeping your cardstock organized and enables you to be able to find your desired color and card type with ease.


9.Gift Wrap Racks/Storage Holders

Prevent bent and damaged gift wrapping with these fun storage ideas! Dispensing your wrapping paper will not only prevent them getting bent and ripped but also will allow you to see exactly what you have ready to use.,


10.Art Cart

If you don’t have space for a dedicated making room, then these art carts are a great alternative! Available on Ikea and Amazon these carts are perfect for holding all your making tools, fabrics and accessories.,,,


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