Mother's Day is around the corner, so what better way to show your appreciation than a handmade gift? To help with give some inspiration we've gathered our top ideas for DIY presents that will allow her to have the most relaxing Mother's Day yet.


  1. Soap

Making your own soap at home means you can use all-natural ingredients and create a completely unique fragrance. Making natural soap is not only better for skin, but it is also better for the environment than purchasing packaged soap. Your mom will love receiving a gift she can use everyday and you can make it extra special with a sprinkling of petals, wrapping in paper gift wrap and securing with string or ribbon.


  1. Mug

Is there any other way to start the day then with a hot mug of coffee?! If pottery isn't your thing, then you can purchase a plain mug which can be decorated with a range of techniques such as using acrylic paint or if you are a dab hand at drawing then you can simply use a sharpie to sketch your designs!


  1. Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are great fun to make and you can make them in any scent and shape of your choice! Whip up a batch and use natural gift wrap to present as the perfect spa at home gift your mom will love.


  1. Candle

Candle making has quickly grown in popularity, and with all the different shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances you can create candles with, its no surprise why! Candles make the perfect gift any time of year, and we think a handmade candle is the perfect gift to help moms relax.


  1. Journal

In our busy lives, journals are an ideal way to unwind and reflect on the day. Rather than buying a journal, creating your own journal is an extra special gift that your mom will love using. Simply die-cut motifs such as foliage and flowers for a feminine decoration and professional finish.


  1. Eye Mask

Give your mom the gift of great sleep with her very own handmade eye mask! This is a simple make which can be paired with all her favorite toiletries for a relaxing pamper session.


  1. Macramé Hanging Planter

We adore macramé hanging planters, alongside the rest of the interior design world as it has taken over recently! There are now also loads of macramé inspiration online and instructions on how to make your own! Alternatively, you can purchase your own macramé kit that make creating hanging planters easy. Your mom will love this bohemian interior trend that brings the outdoors in for a relaxing and fresh atmosphere.


  1. Face Mask

Face masks can be easily made at home, and better yet you know exactly what's going in it - which means no nasty chemicals! Create natural face masks for a homemade spa day and store in an air tight Kilner jar with a personalized label.


  1. Potpourri Pillows

Your mom will love being able to keep handmade potpourri pillows around the house, giving a fresh smell throughout the day. Choose your fabric and pair with a neatly tied ribbon to create your own potpourri pillows at home.


  1. Paper Flower Monogram

Try an alternative to giving a bouquet of flowers this Mother's Day with a paper flower monogram! Sizzix has a range of flower dies, which allows you to die-cut professional flowers effortlessly. Once made, secure to a monogram base for a gorgeous unique gift.


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