You may not know it but crafting has many positive effects on our lives! Take a look at our top 5 benefits of crafting…

1. Mental & health benefits

Getting lost in a make is very therapeutic and can help you forget about any worries or problems, reducing stress and anxiety. Completing a make will bring you a great sense of achievement and is a great self-esteem boost. In addition to this, it helps improve hand-eye coordination and brain productivity.

We think sewing is great for those of you looking for more relaxing makes. Check out our range of Bigz dies which are ideal for you sewing lovers!

And if you're looking for inspiration, how about having a go at making this Chunky Alphabet Make-Up Bag. The Chunky Alphabet die is great because it can be used for multiple projects!

Benefits of crafting

2.  Allows you to gain a new skill

Each crafting project requires a different technique so there is plenty of opportunity for you to gain new skills. Focus on one skill and become a pro, or have a go at tackling as many as you can!

Why not try your hand at cardmaking? This Doodle Art card is on trend and we love the colors! In addition to cardmaking, the intricate and fascinating Doodle Art Thinlits die can be used for backgrounds for scrapbooking and home décor projects.

Doodle art card

3. It gets you off your phone

Let's face it, we're all guilty of spending way too much time on our phones, even when we don't really need to be on them. Crafting is great way to spend a few hours phone free as you'll be too busy focusing on your masterpiece to worry about what's happening on social media!

Why not add to your home décor with a handmade frame? This 3D Impresslits Embossing Folder will allow you to create a super detailed look and will have everyone asking about it!

home decor

4. Save money

Crafting is not only good for your mental health but your wallet too! Save yourself some money by creating instead of buying. It also allows you to add a personal touch which you can't always get in shops.

Are you planning a wedding? A wedding is the perfect opportunity to get creative whilst saving pennies. We think this wedding invitation using our Floral Edges #2 die is just beautiful. These delicate florals can also be used as embellishments on other makes for your special day!

Top 5 Benefits of Crafting

5. Great social activity

Crafting can be enjoyed by everyone whether that be alone or in a group. Get your partners, friends and children involved, there really is something for everyone!

Why not get one step ahead and make some cake toppers with your little ones ready for Easter using these cute Spring Friends dies. They can even use them to create Easter cards too!