Without a doubt, Papercraft is one of the most popular making types. There are so many opportunities for craft enthusiasts to create papercraft makes whether that be cardmaking, scrapbooking or even origami.

Here at Sizzix we love papercraft projects, so we want to share with you our top 5 papercraft trends!

Paper Succulents

Over the years, succulents popularity has increased significantly and you can now be certain that you will find some form of succulents included in most home interiors. Paper succulents can be made using our range of cardstock and paper sculpting kit.

If you're looking for inspiration, we have a range of brand new floral dies perfect for this. Why not have a go at this beautiful Tulip Gift Wrap?

3D Paper Art

Papercraft with a modern twist! Add dimension to your projects with this making style, it's great for home décor. You will be wowed by the intricacy it creates and it will take your makes to a whole new level.

Check out our Pop-Up Plant Pot Die, it's perfect for 3D paper art makes!

Paper Palms

Tropical palms and botanical plants are a firm favorite and can be seen everywhere, especially when it comes to home décor.  You can create your own custom designs and this look can be used for multiple occasions including birthday parties.

We love this home sweet home frame using Large Tropicals. It is a brilliant home décor project!

Paper Food

Makes that look good enough to eat! This is a super fun make and has so much versatility. Create everything from yummy bunting to treat boxes. Why not add to your paper food collection with this Cake Box.

Geometric Designs

A super intricate design that we love, geometric designs are popular for papercraft projects. This detailed look is exactly what you need for impressive home décor pieces, card makes and much more! Test your creative skills by making this stackable geometrics card.

Add to your craft room with our latest making essentials, just what you need for creating the perfect projects!