Trick or Treat Halloween Lantern

Hi all! Shelly here today to share a quick and easy Halloween project you can create in an afternoon, with just a few supplies you probably already have on hand.

Sizzix Die Cutting Inspiration | Trick or Treat Lantern by Shelly HickoxWhen I received this die, my first thought was that it would look amazing with light shining through it. The detail on this die is nothing short of incredible and the large size makes it perfect for a spooky Halloween lantern. By cutting it out of black cardstock and mounting it onto a painted wood block, it really looks like an expensive decoration you bought at a home goods store!

Sizzix Die Cutting Inspiration | Trick or Treat Lantern by Shelly Hickox

While the lantern looks cute during the day, nighttime is when it really shows off. So spooky! Here are the steps if you'd like to make one of your own:

Begin by die cutting black cardstock using the Trick or Treat Thinlits die. Tip: Add a sheet of waxed paper between the die and the paper to get a good, clean cut. Next, cut four pieces of clear packaging material or acetate (I used saved packaging from dies) measuring 4 1/4" x 4 1/4". Adhere idea-ology Frosted Film to each panel and trim to fit. Coat back of die cut with spray adhesive and adhere to the film side of the clear panel. Repeat with remaining panels. Cut four 1/4" x 4" pieces of black cardstock and score down the center. Fold along score line. This will be how we connect the panels. Apply 1/8" Wonder tape to the left and right edges of the panels. Remove backing and adhere one edge of the scored cardstock to the edge of the panel. Repeat with remaining panels until they are joined in a square.

Sizzix Die Cutting Inspiration | Trick or Treat Lantern by Shelly Hickox

To finish the lantern, paint a 5" square unfinished wood plaque and four wood knobs with black acrylic paint. When dry, adhere knobs to bottom of plaque to act as feet. Apply a thin line of glue along the bottom of the lantern piece and set it into place on the painted plaque. When dry, it's ready to use! I recommend only using a flameless, battery operated candle with this lantern - you don't want all your hard work (or your house) going up in flames!

Sizzix Die Cutting Inspiration | Trick or Treat Lantern by Shelly Hickox

Here's one last shot showing the glittery shimmer from the Frosted Film - so pretty at night. I hope you enjoyed this project and are inspired to try it yourself!



sizzix die cutting supplies

Paper: Neenah - Epic Black Cardstock; idea-ology Frosted Film; Clear Packaging Material |Paint: Black acrylic craft paint | Adhesive: Elmers Spray Adhesive, Craft Bond glue; Ranger Wonder Tape 1/8" | Other: 5" x 5" unfinished wood block, unfinished wood knobs, flameless candle

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