Hello, Hello! It's Alexis from the Art Room. Today I want to share with you a few ways to use our Chapter 2 Macrame Masks. Sometimes when I first see a die set, I'm not always entirely sure how to use it. I know when I first began to see masks I was curious to figure out all of the ways I could incorporate them into my makes. Below I have outlined three different making techniques using masks, although there are many more! Let's take a look, shall we?


Cut & Emboss

Did you know you can use this die set to not only cut, but you can also use it to emboss? Grab your Emboss & Transfer Set, which includes the Silicone Rubber and Impressions Pads, and watch the magic unfold!

1. Cut a piece of cardstock to a desired size and place and an Adhesive Sheet on the back of the cardstock. Position the die where you would like it to be centered on your card front, and die-cut a mask of your choice.  With the intricacy of this particular die set, I would highly recommend using the Chrome Precision Base Plate.

2. Cut a piece of metallic cardstock to the same size as the front panel. Lightly mist the metallic cardstock with a water spritzer, this allows the paper fibers to bend easier when embossing. Adhere the die-cut panel to the top of the metallic cardstock. (*Note: Clean the die out with a die brush in between cutting and embossing to achieve the best results).

3. Perfectly realign the die on top of the die-cut portion. Emboss the die into the metallic cardstock by following the directions for embossing with Thinlits on Tab 1 of the Multipurpose Platform.

The metallic adds a nice pop of dimension behind the mask, but embossing it through the front image makes it even more impressive.

4. Embellish as desired! I used the Flower Set die set and Hello Sunshine stamp set from Chapter 2 to round out this card front.



Another great way to use the Macrame Masks die set is to turn them into your very own stencils! The ability to create your own unique backgrounds is sure to delight any maker out there.

1. Cut a piece of Stencil Film to the desired size for a card front. Die-cut a pattern of your choice into the stencil film. We will again utilize the Chrome Precision Base Plate to cut this intricate die.

2. Place the stencil where desired on top of a piece of pre-cut cardstock. Blend ink colors as desired across the top of the design using the Multi-Tool Blending Head. Be sure to hold the film down firmly while adding ink to the pattern.

3. Remove the stencil and embellish project as desired! I used the Corners & Labels and Alphanumeric Label die sets from Chapter 2 to create the sentiment.

I took the same mask and created an alternative background before I decided which one I wanted to work with for the card. As you can see, masks are a great way to create personalized backgrounds, all you need is stencil film and ink!


Shaker Cards

Shaker cards have been quite the trend recently!  While the openings for shaker cards are typically large, why not create an intricate pattern with a mask? It's a great way to add a unique look to your project.

1. Cut a panel to your desired size and begin to die-cut a Macrame Mask pattern into the panel. Be sure to grab your Chrome Precision Plate.

2. Die-cut the desired pattern for your shaker card opening, leaving enough room around the edges to adhere foam tape for dimension.  (*Note: Clear out your die in between each die-cut with a die brush to allow for clean cutting.)

3. Cut a panel of cardstock and acetate to the same size as your die-cut panel. Adhere the acetate behind the die-cut image with double-sided adhesive. Adhere foam tape along the edges of the die-cut image and remove the adhesive backings. Add sequins, beads and glitter into the pocket created by foam tape. Apply the cardstock panel to the back of the shaker panel to seal the shaker elements inside.

4. Adhere the shaker panel to the card front and embellish as desired! I used the Hello Sunshine stamp set and Flower Set die set from Chapter 2 to create my final card elements.

I hope you found these ideas to be helpful when coming up with uses for the Macrame Masks! I would love to hear any other ideas for usage you might have in the comments below. See you next week with more creative inspiration!