How is everyone on this fantastic What's Up Wednesday!? We know St. Patrick's Day was just a few days ago, but it's time to put away the shamrocks and leprechaun traps - the Easter Bunny is just around the corner. Your schedule is probably packed with Sunday brunch dates and parties, but we can assure you that this list of Easter trends is well-worth it and Easter Bunny-approved. From eggtastic brunch ideas to hoppin' crafts and decor, let the hunt for the best Easter begin!

The Prettiest Easter Eggs Ideas

1. Unicorn Easter Egg: The perfect combination of dainty, colorful, and unique, these Unicorn Easter Eggs puts even more magic into this wonderful day. Make crafting these beautiful creatures easy by viewing our expansive catalog of flower dies here and give them that realistic texture with our new Paper Sculpting Kit. (via Little Inspiration)

2. Flamingo + Swan Easter Eggs: Looking for a good disguise for those scavenger egg hunts? We got you covered. Not only do these little guys make for adorable decor, but they'll blend right into the background for anyone who wants a bit of a challenge this year. You can find our Flamingo dies to quickly make this craft here. (via Studio DIY)

3. Chic Typography Easter Eggs:  A modern twist on a beloved tradition! Bring the Easter Bunny into #spring with these Chic Typography Easter Eggs that'll get everyone's social media timeline LIT. (That's what kids are saying these days, right?) Have fun with different sayings and puns that'll be sure to get a laugh out of anyone, regardless of their age. (via Lovely Indeed)

Easter Feasting

4. Bacon and Egg Crescents: Make your own edible version of eggs in a basket with this Bacon and Egg Crescent. A delicious breakfast or brunch dish that can be served with fresh fruits and yogurt, this will hold anyone over for the festivities to come. Plus, it saves room for some hot cross buns. (via tbsp.)

5. Mini-Pancake Stack: Want something bite-sized and easily shareable? Make miniature pancake stacks with fresh berries that both kids and adults will love. A little work goes a long way, especially when these little stacks don't require that much prep at all. (via Nugget Market)

6. Rainbow Layered Cheesecake: There can't be Easter festivities without some pastels thrown into the mix! Make this no-bake cheesecake that's beautiful to look at and even more enjoyable to eat. Decorate with some frosting and Easter Egg candies to complete the full look. (via Sugar Hero)

Don't forget the decorations

7. Easter Calendar Countdown: Countdown to Easter with this simple Easter Egg Countdown Calendar! Use any color palette or design for this countdown calendar; plus, each day can come with a delicious treat or quote leading up to the holiday. Make your life simple by browsing through our number dies that will make this craft quick and easy. (via Designed Improvised)

8. Easter Baggies: We love this craft, because not only can it be used with an alternative version of a Countdown Calendar (with our number dies!), but these can be little treat baggies as well! Fill these babies up with chocolate eggs and trinkets to give to the young'ins on this day. (via Sarah Hearts)

9. DIY Bunny Garland: Create this geometric bunnies and hang them anywhere to give your space a modern, but still adorable, vibe! A little bit of glittery paint and our Bunny die is all you need for this craft. You still got some ways before Easter arrives, so hop along! (via Fun365 Team)

Did any of these Easter ideas make it into your basket? Leave us a comment below or contact us through our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest) - we would love to hear from you!

See you next week on What's Up Wednesday, where we'll always show you what's going down in the DIY world.