Wool Felt Heirloom Ornament

Hello, Catherine here on the blog today to help give you a jump start on your holiday crafting and gift making! Every year I make a new ornament for our tree that one day I hope to pass down to my son when he has a family of his own. Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine Scanlon

My ornaments have a vintage feel to them and I use elements that will last a long time and I hope they will still look great in 20 or so years. Today I thought I would share my steps to create this elegant and easy to put together Wool Felt Ornament. I will say, that cutting felt in beautiful and custom shapes has never been easier with the Bigz and Framelits!

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine Scanlon

Before we get started, I wanted to share a little tip with you. I really enjoy working with wool felt and using my Sizzix Dies to cut them into shapes for cards and home decor items is so easy. My personal preference is to use wool because I think that the natural fibers cut so much better than acrylic, plus you get a much more substantial and natural looking project when when you are done. With that said, while I am using Wool Felt it's certainly OK to use acrylic felt.

To make this ornament you will need to die cut:

Once you have all the pieces die cut out of the coordinating elements it's time to do a few other things before  you begin the assembly. (This works great if you are mass-producing the ornaments.)

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine Scanlon

The first thing I did was to apply Platinum Glitter to the Wings and set them aside to dry. While the wings were drying I prepared the Medium Sassy Labels.  You can stamp text on the Medium Sassy Labels (658793) die cut from Canvas Paper and distress the edges with a light brown distress ink and set aside to dry. If you don't have a text stamp, you can do what I did and use a piece of old book paper to do an image transfer to transfer the text to the canvas. Once the prep work is done it's time to move on to putting the base ornament together. You will want to trim approximately 1/4" of the edges of the card stock or heavy weight Sassy Labels and sandwich it between the two wool felt Labels. I like to use a piece of double stick tape to secure the sandwich together to keep it from sliding around when I do the stitching. The card stock in the middle helps remove the flexibility of the felt and make the completed ornament more rigid.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine ScanlonSizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine Scanlon

To secure the layers, I stitched around the edges of the ornament using my sewing machine. If you aren't comfortable with this step feel free to hand-stitch or even hot glue the layers together.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine Scanlon

To add a base for my angel, I added the Medium Sassy Labels next. Again, if you use a piece of double stick tape to keep it in place while you stitch it with the sewing machine the shape will stay put while you stitch.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine Scanlon

When the base was complete, I position the Botanical Element (658225) in place at the top of the ornament and stitch to secure. This step is a little tricky when using a cream on cream color scheme, but if you take it slowly and put the machine on the slowest speed possible you can absolutely do it. You can also hand stitch or use a hot glue gun to secure it in place. Next you will hand stitch the Snowflake #3 (656731) and button in place in the center of the botanical element.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine Scanlon

You can hot glue or hand-stitch (I did both) the glittered wings in place in the center of the Medium Sassy Labels. Position the small muslin Botanical Element in place and secure with hot glue.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine Scanlon

For a hanger, I hand-stitched a beaded chain to the top of the ornament.  The ends of the hanger are hiding under neath the swirls of the wool botanical element, to keep them from showing I added a tiny bead of hot glue to keep them in place.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial | Heirloom Ornament by Catherine Scanlon

The last thing I did was to hot glue the Angel in place and my Heirloom ornament is completed and ready to hang!

Once you have all the pieces cut out the assembly for this elegant heirloom ornament comes together pretty quickly making it feasible to make a large batch. You could use them for ornaments, package decorations or even add a tag and give it as a Baby's First Christmas ornament!

Thanks for joining me today, I'll see you again real soon!



Sizzix Die Cutting Supplies

Fabric: Cream Wool Felt | Paper: Canvas Paper; Mixed Media Paper- 140lb | Embellishments: Tim Holtz Idea-ology- Fractured Dolls; Beaded Chain; Wood Wings; Glitter- Platinum | Adhesive: Glitter Glue; Hot Glue Gun; Double Stick Tape | Tools: Sewing Machine; Needle and Thread

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9 thoughts on “Wool Felt Heirloom Ornament”

  • Carolyn Montgomery
    Carolyn Montgomery Nov 19, 2013 at 07:44 am

    where did the wings come from, they aren't shown on the supply list.

  • Alice

    What a great ornament. I'm going to give it a try using something similar to the botanicals die. I have everything else. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Karen Burniston

    Very pretty, Catherine, and a lovely use for the Sassy Labels Stitched Framelits.

  • Melody M. Nunez

    Lovely! And what a particularly precious keepsake for your son, given that you made it with your own two hands... :]

  • Aida Haron

    Catherine, what a wonderful ornament, it's so pretty !!!

  • Linda K

    Such a great labor of love. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Laura Strack

    Beautiful, Catherine! My goodness, you are so talented :)

  • Jacquelene L

    A beautiful, keepsake ornament. The label really adds to the shape of the ornament, I would never have thought to use the label shape for that, great idea. I wish the wings were a sizzix die, maybe there is one that could be used that might be similar. Thank you for sharing this beautiful ornament, now I am thinking about making ornaments with my dies and fabric.
    Jacquelene L

  • ruby t

    This is so lovely. I would love to create one myself, but the list of supplies is not complete...what die are the wings from, are the wings from another source? Your little angel....where is this from?
    Thank you for such a great idea.

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