Your Guide to Starting DIY Home Decor!

The surest way to add a personal touch to your home décor is to do it yourself. And, thanks to today’s DIY mentality, it’s easy to find ideas for making one-of-a-kind accents for your home. Inspiration and how-to information are just a few mouse clicks away, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to decorate with new, custom creations. If you’re not sure where to start with DIY home decorating, here are a some of our favorite ideas for all levels of expertise.

When you’re just getting started with do-it-yourself decorating, it’s a good idea to begin with something simple—but that doesn’t have to mean something boring. Custom embellishments to store-bought objects are good beginner projects, such as adding trim to a lampshade or stencilling a design onto a kitchen cannister. If you’re concerned about spoiling a something brand new, search thrift stores items you can alter with paint, fabric and other upcycling techniques.

If you want to make to something from scratch, pillow covers are a fun and easy way to start. A yard or two of fabric won’t cost much, and with so many colors and prints to choose from you’re sure to find something that complements your home perfectly. For extra panache, you can use iron-on appliqués or fabric paint and stencils to add visual interest and make a one-of-a-kind accent for a bed or sofa.,

Making art for your walls is another great way to show off your personal style.  Put your spin on the word art trend by using die-cut letters or stencils to spell out a favorite phrase or quote inside a frame. Or use paint and embellishments to make a custom collage on canvas to decorate any room in your home.,,

When you’re ready for a really big project, then why not try a furniture makeover? With stencils, paint and decoupage, you can easily add decorative details to tables, chairs, dressers, beds and more. If you’re handy with a few tools, you can even transform everyday items into custom furniture pieces.,,

Now that you’ve got the DIY decorating bug, it’s time to think even bigger. You can give your entire space a DIY makeover and add your personal touch everywhere you look. Try stencilled wall designs, a painted rug or a beautiful hand-embellished mirror. And that’s just the beginning.There are many ways transform your home through DIY. The hardest part is deciding where to start!,,

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