eCAL Lite vs. eCAL Software

Features:eCAL LiteeCAL

Works with your installed TrueType and OpenType fonts

True Scoring and the ability to create your own score lines

Drawing tools to draw and edit shapes

Welds overlapping letters and shapes together

Select styles, including Shadow and Blackout, to change the look of your letters and shapes

Access to the eshape store and the ability to cut out files purchased from the store

Laser Cut Preview to see where you'll cut before you cut

Cuts additional shapes from the "Sure Cuts A Lot" Library

WYSIWYG Interface with Rulers and guides - What you see is what you cut

Move, rotate, scale, skew and mirror designs to give projects a personal flair

Multiple layer selection for quick changes within the design layers

Access to all the necessary Path options such as Union, Intersection, Exclude, Front Minus Back, etc.

Auto Duplicate - Copy any shape, any size with ease

Targeting feature allows you quickly move the cutter to any position on the mat

Available for Windows and Macintosh OSX

Save your design layouts to easily share your designs

Free technical support and access to our professionally-made video training series

Import various file formats, including SVG, PDF, AI, WPC and PNG


Auto tracing feature to automatically convert images (including JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG) for cutting


Create rhinestone templates and Lattice shapes


Print-2-Cut feature allows you to print out an image and use your eclips to cut around the printed image


Export shapes in PDF, SVG, EPS, AI, JPG and PNG formats


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