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  1. What is the warranty on Sizzix Machines? Most of the Big Shot machines come with 1 year limited warranty as standard. This can be extended to 3 years, free of charge, by registering your machine on the Sizzix website. For details of which machines qualify for an extended warranty and to register your machine, click here.
  2. What is the warranty on Sizzix Dies? To see details and download the warranty details for each type of die, please click here.
  3. Why am I getting an ‘invalid’ message when registering a machine?               If you are seeing this message, please check for all of the below: That your serial number is in the correct format on the machine selected – as seen on the machine. ... Read More
  4. Which machines can I register for an extended warranty? We're offering a 2 year extended Warranty on Big Shot machines, Big Shot Plus machines, Big Shot Foldaway machine, Big Shot Express machines and Sidekick machines. Click here to register.
  5. Where will I find my serial number? You can find your unique serial number on the sticker on the bottom of your machine. Or at the side if you have a sidekick machine. Click here to register.
  6. Why does my machine not have a serial number? If your machine is more than 3 years old, it may not have a serial number. This means that it cannot be registered for an additional warranty.
  7. What if I register my machine 6 months after purchasing it? Your 3 years limited warranty starts from the date you purchased your machine.
  8. How do I claim on my warranty? If you have a problem with your machine which qualifies under the warranty, you should speak to the retailer from which your purchased your machine. If you bought your machine directly from Sizzix, you can contact the customer service ... Read More
  9. What does the warranty cover? This warranty covers any manufacturing defects in your authentic Sizzix machines. This warranty does not cover damages or defects caused by misuse or abuse of dies or accessory products in the machine. Whilst dies are also covered by our manufacturers warranty, sadly we do not cover any making accessories under this policy.
  10. What are the differences between die-cutting machines? To learn more about Sizzix die cutting machines and how to use them visit our machine pages. Sizzix Big Shot Switch Plus Sizzix Big Shot Switch Plus