Sizzix 机器兼容表

Big Shot
Big Shot
Big Shot Foldaway 折叠机器
Big Shot Express
Big Shot Express 电动机器
Big Shot Plus
Big Shot Plus 机器
Big Shot Pro
Big Shot Pro 机器
Thinlits 薄片模具
Thinlits Plus 薄片模具 x x
Framelits 边框模具
Framelits Plus 边框模具 x x
Bigz 厚板模具 (包括L, XL 尺寸)
Bigz Plus 厚板模具 x x
Bigz Pro 厚板模具 x x x
Textured Impressions and Texture Fades 纹理夹
Textured Impressions Plus 纹理夹 x x

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