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A maker is not a maker unless they are making things! This page is where YOU can showcase your talent. Choose from a number of Maker Challenges below. Step out of your comfort zone or let your natural talent shine—either way, you can’t win if you don’t play.

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Past Month's Winners!

Grendelia Balandran

Stephanie Barnard Stand-Ups/Step-Ups Maker Challenge

Isabella Janssens

Stephanie Barnard Fold-Its Maker Challenge

Tara Kohler

Riveting Florals Michaels Jewelry Maker Challenge

Tammy Del Nero

Deco Emboss Michaels Jewelry Maker Challenge

Amy Low

Fringe It Up Michaels Jewelry Maker Challenge

Jenny Marples

Eileen Hull Maker Challenge

Kathleen Lee

Crafty Chica Maker Challenge

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